Why should I Det – The benefits of healthy food and diets

The question a lot of people ask with regarding diet and food et cetera is, “why do it”? That answer has many replies and even more good points that many people should really think about.

First of all, the main reason why people want to do it is because it will make you thin. If you ate nothing but healthy food, you would and will be naturally skinny. No questions asked. However, the other reason, which should be the real main reason, is because your body requires healthy food. Treat your body as a temple as they say.

Your body really does require healthy food for optimum performance. The reason why people get fat is because of all the junk food, the body not only absorbs all the saturated fats, but because it is starving of nutrients it absorbs absolutely everything.

Other reasons would include the fact that you will generally feel better that you would whilst consuming all the bad foods. The bad foods include all the pre processed including boxed, manufactured et cetera that have low nutrients and thus low fuel.

A lot of people complain about always being tired, sleepy, and sluggish and have the general attitude of not being bothered to do anything, this is because they don’t have the energy and the stomach in digesting all the garbage they are consuming is using any energy they do have.

To mention some of the benefits of eating healthy would include loss of body fat, a higher level of energy, a more satisfying sleep, more stamina, better skin condition such as smoother skin, less acne, lower risk of heart diseases & strokes, fewer visits to the doctor, lower cholesterol,  lower risk of cancer, better mental ability and work performance and a general overall better you.

That is only some of the reasons I can think of, but it is enough to make me want to eat healthy and take more pride in myself.

Simple changes in your diet will make all the difference. You can even eat frozen food that is cheaper. A lot of vegetables come frozen and still retain their goodness. Eat a lot of chicken and fish which will give you the necessary protein to increase your energy levels and make you want to get more involved in energetic and athletic activities. You will notice a difference as you will naturally be more social and doing the everyday general exercise activates required without even realizing it.

Knowing that in healthy food actually has more of a variety than junk food. Spices are a great way to add additional flavour to your food. Consider growing your own! Herbs add great flavour as well as many associated health benefits, which again, a lot of people don’t realize. Instead of the usual junky fat food snacks, try salads and fruit. You will feel like a fresher you.

Source by Samual Gallagher

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