To Increase Your Test Scores, Eat Properly

If you weigh more than what you normally do, you should know that your will power is much greater than what you feel right at this moment.

I always emphasize on the issue that one of the best exercises for increasing your will power and strength in life is to balance out your body weight.

When you increase your will power in one part of your life, your will power automatically increases in other parts of your life, so use this simple trick. Instead of increasing our will power in a tough task such as studying, we can go ahead and increase it in something much easier such as our eating habit. This way we can achieve a greater will power and use it in our studying.

Losing weight is much easier than studying because you don’t have to put up with a lot of hardship. Simply by cutting out the fatty food from your diet, you can slowly start to lose weight, but to increase your will power in studying you’ll have to start waking up early, stop going out, stop watching TV and study for longer hours which are all much harder than to try eat properly.

The majority of people believe that if you go on a diet while you’re studying, as a result of starving yourself, you’ll cut down on the efficiency of your studies, but this is not true.

If you obtain a good eating plan from your dietician, you can easily replace your meals with a high protein diet and vegetables and you don’t need to starve yourself. Also, by eating foods with a high vitamin and mineral content, you can increase your memory and studying strength to the maximum. Good diet and exercise have an effect on the students’ scores and understanding.

Research team from Michigan carried out a study on 75 students over 2 days and they found that, the students who were less fit had harder time keeping new information in their memory. In contrast, the students who went for a daily run or jog for minimum of 15- 30 minutes per day, slept better at night (this allows the information to be decoded in peoples brain much easier), they woke up with ease in the morning, they were more refreshed, they learnt better in class and since they were doing aerobic exercises they had a better body metabolism which in return it sustains the brain and increases the blood supply to it. This will increase the memory in these individuals, gives them a greater will power to study and finally they will obtain better scores.

Change your diet and exercise from now and don’t postpone it to after your exams. This way you’ll become healthy faster, get sick less and you’ll increase your scores on a daily basis.

Ali Mirsadeghi.

Source by Ali Mirsadeghi

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