The best technique in cooking salmon patties recipe

Salmon patties are a healthy food and you do not have to worry gaining extra pounds when you eat this dish. Salmon patties known for food for the brain with Omega 3 that is good for the heart. So what are you waiting for? Learn how to cook now salmon patties recipe. However, before that, have you cooked salmon before? How did you cook it? Is it deliciously good?

What is a salmon? Salmon is the best fish that provides important nutrients that our body needs.  You can taste salmon in can goods, preserving it naturally, but is it safe to eat salmon to eat in can goods? I do not think so, the nutrients in this salmon is not 100% nutritious. If you want to eat salmon that have a lots nutrients try cooking it up with your own bare hands. If you have experience in cooking for you but if you want to learn how prepare salmon patties, you are in the right place.

Salmon Patties Recipe


 ½ pound of salmon fillet, 1pc. Peeled and finely chopped red potato, 1 pc minced shallot, 1 pc. Lightly beaten large egg, ¼ cup dried breadcrumbs, ¼ cup seasoning of your choice,½ tsp. salt, 1 cup thick sauce. 2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil


1)      Prepare the oven by preheating it with 350° Fahrenheit (177° Celsius)

2)      Grease baking dish and set aside

3)      Drain salmon well, remove skin and bones

4)      Place the filleted salmon in the baking dish, cover it with lead and bake it for about 15 – 20 minutes.

5)      Cook the potatoes until it tenderize

6)      Place into mixing bowl and mash it up with fork

7)      Add all other ingredients and mix it together, mix it well until it is enough to form a patties but not to dry

8)      in a saucepan, heat the olive oil, press the salmon balls flat so they would have the shape of patties

9)      Form into patties and place it in a pre – heated baking dish

10)   Cook until golden brown on both sides.

Well what do you think? Is it worth a try? Salmon Patties Recipe can be vary in the way you cook it and the most important thing is, when cooked it would be delicious. Salmon patties are very nutritious food giving you more nutrients that you could ask for. This dish can be prepared easily and as long as you enjoy cooking and eating, do not ask for anything else, you might not like it in the end. Food for the brain with Omega 3, is it not that neat? Therefore, what are you waiting for! Cook now and taste the best of salmon patties, your dream dish comes to life.

When it comes to cooking salmon, it is not that easy. You must have the skills and the passion to do this thing, even though you are a skilled chef, if you don’t have anything to do what it takes to cook a salmon then you cannot cook it.

Source by Danny

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