The Benefits of Using Sea Salt As a Sleep Aid

A good night’s sleep is considered a key to human health, and the widespread insomnia experienced by so many can be relieved by taking small quantities of one of the most well-known dietary additives, natural and unrefined sea salt. Using sea salt as a sleep aid opens a door to better nutrition and overall health.

Not your Common Table Salt

You find no shortage of books emphasizing a low-salt diet, and how the over abundance of sodium chloride in our daily diet is linked to heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and other chronic illnesses. But a small quantity, up to a teaspoon a day, of unrefined sea salt adds a variety of essential minerals necessary for human health to the diet. These minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulphur, iron, phosphorous, iodine, copper, and zinc, are essential for our whole body metabolism. They are not, other than the iodine added after the table sale is mined and refined, available in table salt.

Is that why salt has such a bad reputation for causing one chronic condition after another? Decades without these essential minerals can only lead to a collapse of whole body metabolism and the early end of life. The benefits of using sea salt as a sleep aid are body wide.

Health from the Sea

Our bodies are anywhere from 75-90 percent water, which naturally is salty to taste. All the minerals that are in the sea are found in a serving of unrefined sea salt. Table salt has the opposite quality. It is mined from the earth as pure sodium chloride. In a poorly understood admission of its shortcomings, the major manufacturers and distributors of table salt advertise that iodine (essential to human health) is included, and only the fine print reveals the aluminum silicates needed to keep the refined salt pouring when it’s raining or very humid outside! Sea salt is an added source of those minerals that have been part of our living bodies.

Really Feeling Good for a Good Night’s Sleep

Sea salt promotes sleep by promoting healthy blood sugar levels and lowering high blood pressure. More and more we are realizing that a healthy diet includes adequate quantities of all essential nutrients. When we eliminate an element of good nutrition through a salt free diet, we actually undermine the successful metabolism of blood sugars as well as production of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Sea salt aides while table salt destroys as it lacks the calcium and phosphorous so important to a good night’s sleep.

A Little on Your Tongue before Bedtime

Just sprinkle some mineral-rich salt on your tongue before bedtime and wash that down with a glass of spring water. Your body will experience the benefits of the minerals found in the salt.

A low salt diet can lead to increased production of saliva at night. If you mostly eat vegetables and avoid table salt at all costs, you may be both salt deficient and dehydrated.

You do not have to wait until bedtime. You can enjoy the benefits of sea salt all day long. Add half a teaspoon to a tall tumbler of spring water. You will have much more energy through the day and a better night’s sleep before you begin another.

Source by Helena Reimer

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