The Age Old Problem of a Limp Penis

This is about the age old problem of a limp penis. It happens to the best of us. As a man becomes older it often becomes harder to get it hard. And, that’s hardly fun, is it?

No, not hardly.

When a man goes to the doctor, typically he will be told, “Well, you are just older, and that’s natural, so here’s a prescription for Viagra.” Well, like so many so-called “age related problems,” neither Viagra, or any drug, is usually necessary to help a person, so why take a drug that may produce harmful side effects?

I have a number of friends who are near my age — in their 60’s and 70’s — and they know I have a reputation as a person who keeps himself healthy using natural methods. They tell me of their limp penis, and typically it started as to be noticed about age 50, while gradually getting worse by 60, then by 70 their penis was sagging no matter what stimulation was present.

However, studies of men and women in countries where there is naturally good nutrition show that many live to be over 100, and older men are typically producing offspring.

They have no health food stores, no books to tell them what to do, and hardly any doctors. They take no supplements. They just live naturally, but their soil is different than in the United States. A man by the name of Dr. Joel Wallach has studied this extensively.

So, why is this problem prevalent in certain countries such as the US? It’s like most health problems which are caused by both toxic substances in the body, and poor nutrition. A person can eat in the finest restaurants in the US, and have all the money they need to buy any food they want. They can still lack proper nutrition, and have many toxic substances remaining in their body. Even the best health food stores do not supply sufficient nutrition in organic fruits, vegetables, and other food items. Most organic farms in the United States do not supply all the nutrition you need.

To be healthy, good supplementation is necessary in most parts of the United States.

There are many medical reasons for impotence, and some are psychological. I do not cover all of them here. So, if what I write here does not work for you, you have problems that are not related. As men get older testosterone is naturally reduced in the body. Some testosterone enhancers can be dangerous.

From my research and experience, the amino acid L-Arginine is an important ingredient that causes blood to flow easily and plentifully to the extremities – the penis. A variety of products contain that ingredient, and some are advertised for the purpose of advanced sexual performance.

When one ingests L-Arginine in large quantities over a period of months or years, the effect is cumulative. When the symptoms of a persistent limp penis go away, and erections come spontaneously with no stimulation, and always with even the slightest stimulation, then it is usually no longer necessary to take the ingredients every day. From what I’ve heard, men have stopped taking it for weeks, and still their penis was healthy and stood up quite well to any test.

There’s a 73 year old doctor who advertises on the internet, and he’s all about hormone and other, treatments to reduce the effects of aging in men. You should see his well built chest! His name is Doctor Life.

I’m wishing all of you men a happy, and powerful, sex life. And, you women out there who want to help yourselves and your man, do your research.

Source by Bruce D Kettler

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