Super Moms Secrets For Quick, Healthy Recipes

It seems everyone today is looking for quick, healthy recipes they can use for their family. However, they seem to be somewhat difficult as usually recipes be either quick or healthy, but rarely both! But since so many people are working outside the home and are finding their schedules crammed with so many other activities and responsibilities even when they’re not working, finding quick, healthy recipes is a priority for many. No one has the time or the desire to stand over the sink chopping vegetables and no one has the time to wait for a dinner that takes hours to fix.

Interestingly enough you can come up with your own quick, healthy recipes simply varying the ingredients of your favorite recipes or by learning how to cook properly with different types of kitchen tools and gadgets.

As an example, when you use a rotisserie you can find quick, healthy recipes for just about any type of meat you might want. By having it cook on the rotisserie you’re having the grease and fat drip away from it rather than having the meat cook in its own fats. By using some marinades or seasoning mixes you may find that your main dishes come out much tastier this way then they ever did before and you don’t need to use fats to add flavor to your dishes. As a matter of fact, these quick, healthy recipes for your main dishes aren’t even really recipes but just better and healthier ways of preparing your meats so you don’t even need to follow instructions from a cookbook.

Some other ways of coming up with your own quick, healthy recipes is to reduce the amount of sugar you use to cook with when making desserts and other items. If you bake from scratch, try using applesauce as a sweetener or reducing your sugar by one-third. Use reduced fat mayonnaise or salad dressing; you don’t need to go with fat free completely as this might be too much of a change for you, but by just reducing fat and sugar you can come up with some great quick, healthy recipes that are still very palatable to you and your family. You can also cut back just a little bit to start with and then gradually work your way up to how much you want to reduce your sugar and fat content overall.

Sneak vegetables into your cooking whenever you can; this is how quick, healthy recipes are created in a professional kitchen. If you make meatloaf, add some chopped peppers and onions. Do the same when cooking soup – add additional chopped carrots, onions, and anything else your family enjoys. Slip some spinach into an omelet. These are all easy and quick tips but you would be surprised how often people ignore these tips when cooking. Making up your own quick, healthy recipes simply means being creative with your ingredients and your methods.

Of course it does no good to come up with these quick, healthy recipes if you and your family never actually eat the things you cook this way. Get into the habit of having a small salad or bowl of vegetable soup before each dinner and lunch. This doesn’t need to be a huge bowlful; just a few small bites before your main meal can make a tremendous amount of difference. You can also schedule what days you’re going to have your quick, healthy recipes and then save your special treats and indulgences for the weekend or another special time. Make sure the family knows that Monday is healthy night, Tuesday you’ll have what you want, Wednesday is another healthy night, and so on.

And get your family involved in coming up with and creating quick, healthy recipes. If the kids are busy in the kitchen they’re more likely to want to eat what they’ve prepared. You don’t want them to use dangerous knives and other equipment but they can certainly work with measuring and things such as this.

Source by Blair Critch

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