Raw Hide Bones Versus Pork Hide Bones, Which Is Better?

You’re thinking to yourself, “I’m bringing home my new puppy”. If you want the best for him/her, you will learn what you can about raising a dog in a positive way.

Your dog is part of your pack. It is important that they are a part of your everyday family life. Don’t ever leave dogs alone in the back yard or anywhere for days on end. They will get bored and lonely, just like you would. That is when dogs bark and dig. It’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the owners fault when that happens. It is important to include them as family members. Dogs will be the most loyal companion you will ever know, especially when you take care of them in a loving way.

Pet parents love to give their dogs treats. It’s part of the joy of owning a dog. You get to bond with your pampered puppy many different ways. One of the most fun ways is giving your loved dog treats. It brings great pleasure not only to your dog, but to you as well.

Since you want your dog to live the longest, healthiest life possible, it is vital to be aware of how important nutrition is. Reading and understanding labels on pet food and products is critical to the well being of your pampered puppy.

Dog’s natural tendency is to chew. Pulling meat apart is their nature. It cleans their teeth and keeps their gums healthy. Picture wolves in the wild. They pull meat off of a carcass when they eat. That is why giving your pampered puppy things that they can tear apart with their teeth will save you frustration and a lot of money when they don’t ruin your shoes, or a couch leg by chewing them.

Puppies need to chew a lot. So keeping things available to keep them engaged will make you and your precious puppy happier.

People have asked themselves, “Raw Hide Bones Versus Pork Hide Bones, which is better?” There can be so much confusion over the healthier choice. Rawhide and Porkhide Bones are made from the same part of the animal, there is no difference there. The processing is much the same. Both are used for cleaning the teeth and healthier gums. So what is the big difference?

Rawhide Bones are known to choke dogs. That is every pet parent’s worse nightmare! Many people say to stay away from Rawhide Bones because they can be dangerous and cause choking. Rawhide is very stiff. If your dog swallows a piece of Rawhide, it can get lodged in their throat. This can lead to your dog gagging, vomiting, diarrhea and fever with signs of pain. In worse case scenarios, dogs have had to undergo painful and expensive surgery to remove the blockage.

Sometimes it is recommended to wash our hands after handling Rawhide Bones with soap and water to avoid contamination! I don’t want to feed any of my pets, products where I am told to wash my hands after handling… how safe can those products be for your loved pet to eat?

Porkhide Bones are known to be more fattening than Rawhide Bones. Pet parent’s who have an overweight dog need to be aware of the calorie content. If it is a known fact that your dog is allergic to pork, you would not want to feed Porkhide. Porkhide has been shown to be consistently free of salmonella during out breaks when Rawhide was tainted.

When there are added ingredients added to Porkhide or Rawhide treats, you have to ask yourself why are ingredients like sugar and salt added? Is there a specific nutritional value by adding those ingredients? You want to have confidence that no ingredients are added unless they have specific health benefits in whatever you feed your precious puppy or any loved pet.

Would you have peace of mind feeding your precious puppies pork treats that are healthy, with no unnecessary added ingredients, from a manufacturer with the strictest safety standards in the industry, which has resulted in never having anything recalled.

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Source by M. Tracy Robinson

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