Quick and Easy Recipes For Kids

Most mothers usually complain of not being able to give the required amount of nutrition to their children. While the woes of mothers are understandable, the plight of children having to eat the same kind of monotonous food everyday is also justified. Now all our Indian mothers need to do is to come up with more interesting and creative ways to feed healthy food to their children. And yes, creative does not necessarily mean complicated or time-taking, simple recipes is the key here. We bring you these amazingly simple recipes for kids, perfect for all the distressed moms.

Banana Sandwich:

This is your best bet if your toddler tends to stay miles away from healthy fruits.


4 slices of bread
2 bananas, sliced into circles
4 spoons of honey 
4 spoons of peanut butter


Gently mix the banana slices with the honey. Apply peanut butter on the slices of bread and spread the banana filling in between two slices, forming a sandwich. Spread a little butter and toast the sandwich until they turn brown and crispy. Yummy banana sandwich!

Dosas for kids:

Making a dosa for your tiny tot just requires a little bit of creativity. Use the same old dosa batter but just present the dosa in a fun, childlike way, For starters, you could cut out your dosa in the shapes of cartoon characters. You could also add different coloured chutneys or purees to your dosa batter to make cute, colourful dosas. A third option would be to make small, mini dosas instead of a big one and to top each one differently.

Dal Roti:

The nutrition of dal and roti are so important during the growing years. It’s a common story if your child too flees at the sight of dal and roti. Here are two simple recipes to making dal roti fun.


2 cups of atta
1 cup of cooked dal
Chilli powder
Garam masala


Knead the atta using the cooked dal in place of water. Let the dough rest for some time. Pinch small balls and make rotis out of it. Cook them over a tawa and serve them with raita or ketchup.

As an alternative, you could also make a filling of fried, crispy vegetables and use them as a filling for delicious chapati rolls. The goodness of dal and roti stuffed into one.

Butter Corn:

Spicing up corn is one of the best and simple recipes for kids! Try it out.


Sweet corn
Red chilli powder
Black pepper powder


Remove the corn from the cob and add the spices and butter. Warm it up in a microwave. Your child will finish up the entire bowl without a complaint.

These easy-to-make appetizing dishes are perfect for the tiny ones. Trust me, they will be asking your for more.

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