September 2, 2015


We asked ourselves 3 questions

  • Who has Great knowledge about healthy lifestyle
  • Who appreciate news and information on healthy living?
  • Who are open to new achievements inside preventive health care?

    Inflammation underlies many common conditions and diseases. Fatty acids can influence inflammation through a variety of mechanisms and the news is that we have a 95% rate to get a 3:1 balance or lower – on the recommended dose in 120 days – newer mind if the balance is 12:1 or 25:1 from the start.

    Does it work…
    Did the money you spend on food or supplements up until today support a better balance for you?

    This can found out by a test.
    Get the test from here


  • 140.000 have been blood tested from leading university hospitals to prove the changes
  • 95% of the people who has taken the 2 test after 120 days got in balance below 3:1
  • We have found that with this product your body can absorb up to 5 grams omega-3 per day
    Recommended daily doses is (1,17 * body weigh in ml)
  • Production facility in some of the cleanest areas in the world –
  • Unique balance with a special olive oil and the perfect ratio between EPA and DHA

BioActive Foods AS is a Norwegain limited company with a vision to become the world leading company to restore and maintain normal Omega-6/Omega-3 fatty acid balance in individuals by offering documented dietary advice guide and high quality products.

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