Intra-Workout Supplements: Are They Necessary?

If you are into sports training and bodybuilding, you are surely already familiar with different bodybuilding supplements. Pre and post workout supplementation have become the trend among many gym fanatics and bodybuilders alike because of the great benefits these supplements are known to provide. The more modern supplement option today, however, is intra workout supplementation. Also called “during” workout supplements, products like Xtend Scivation are also starting to establish names in the sports and bodybuilding industry because of the unique and added benefits they claim to offer.

What is it?

Unlike pre and post training supplements which are recommended to be consumed before and after a workout, respectively, intra workout supplements are best taken during the exercise proper itself. There are reports, however, claiming that such supplements can also be taken immediately before or after training to maximize effectiveness.

What are the benefits?

‘During’ workout supplements promise to give you optimum benefits for your training. They are also known as thermogenic supplements since they help in controlling the body’s temperature while providing energy to the muscles during the training. They are said to improve sports performance while increasing time to fatigue at the same time. Apart from these benefits, drinking this type of products is also linked to improving strength and muscle growth, as well as enhancing amino acid levels in the body. The improved muscle pump and lifts also help in muscle gain and achieving optimum performance during training. Muscle recovery and catabolism prevention are also known benefits of such supplements. Catabolism refers to destructive metabolism — the muscle breakdown from complex to simpler substances results to release in energy. Anabolism, on the other hand, refers to the opposite. It’s usually considered as constructive metabolism and is generally preferred during training.

Should you invest in it?

Compared to pre and post bodybuilding supplements, intra-workout supplementation is a relatively new concept in the sports training and bodybuilding industry. With this field being typically competitive and constantly evolving, however, there are already numerous studies proving the effectiveness and benefits of such supplements. Intra workout supplements typically include BCAA, carbs, and beta alanine in their main ingredients; since these are also popular ingredients in many sports supplements, make sure to go for those products that offer a healthy dose of these in their ingredient composition. Should you decide to invest in it, make it a point to choose your product wisely and settle only for a trusted and genuine supplier so you can get the best value for your money.

Source by Liam A Wills

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