How to make your own healthy pan-fried French fries

I hate getting out the deep fat fryer, filling it with oil, and heating it up. Then you make a splatter mess on your countertop while cooking your potatoes or other fried foods, and cleaning it up takes longer than the cooking time. Also, you have all that wasted oil, because eventually you have to throw it out and refill it.

There’s a much better solution to making French fries at home. All you’ll need is a large skillet, and olive oil. Cooking with olive oil is a lot healthier than other oils, and you only need to use about 2 tablespoons for 2 large potatoes.

First, slice the potatoes while preheating the skillet on medium or medium-low heat. Put the olive oil in when your potatoes are ready. You can slice them many different ways to suit your tastes. Wedges are the easiest to cut, but don’t make them too thick or it will take longer to cook all the way through. If you have time and want a challenge try cutting the potatoes into shoestring French fries, or whatever your desired thickness is.

Place the sliced potatoes into the heated oil and stir to cover the potatoes with the olive oil. You need to stir or flip the potatoes every few minutes to avoid burning one side. Give them a good flip and stir to make sure they don’t stick together and all sides are being cooked. You can add a pinch of salt and some fresh pepper, or try garlic, parmesan cheese, and fresh herbs or other spices. Try cayenne pepper, onion salt, and fresh ground black pepper for spicy French fries. Make the fries you want, for one tenth the price of a sit-down restaurant.

Source by Tim

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