How to Get Rock Solid Instant Erections Naturally

ED or erectile dysfunction are two words that all men hate. Failure to perform in bed can leave you stressed and humiliated. Good sex depends upon your ability to get a rock solid erections as well as the power to control your ejaculation. If you lack in any one of these things, you are likely to end up as a complete failure. This can be bad for your relationship too.

However, ED is a condition that can be treated even without opting for harsh prescription drugs. Here are some simple and effective ways to do so:

1. Begin with a Regular Workout

One of the best things that you do to improve your sexual and overall health is regular exercise. Some of the main benefits of exercises can include better blood circulation, increases testosterone secretion and reduced stress levels. It’s important to point out that these three happen to be the most common reasons of ED in men.

Whether you step out for a daily jog or sweat it out in the gym, you need to get physically active. Burning excess fat in your body also helps clear your arteries resulting in improved blood flow. Not just this, getting rid of excess fat also help reduce the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

Try to exercise for at least 25-30 minutes a day. You can even try a yoga workout in place of a gym workout.

2. Try and Boost Nitric Oxide Production

Without enough nitric oxide in your body it’s almost impossible to get a rock solid erection. This is because nitric oxide helps penis muscles relax so that blood vessels can dilate and more blood can flow into your shaft. It’s only when your shaft gets filled with enough blood that you get a rock solid erection.

Watermelons and pomegranates are some excellent nitric oxide boosters. Try having pomegranate juice before having sex and you would be surprised to see that it can do for your erections.

As a matter of fact, a combination of pomegranate juice and Viagra can be a deadly mix of erection enhancers. Such a mix is something that can result in a prolonged erection that can require medical attention. This is something you should avoid. However, it’s perfectly fine to have pomegranate juice without such pills.

3. Try Foods that Boost Testosterone

A lot of men suffer erectile dysfunction because of plunging testosterone levels. Certain foods can help boost testosterone secretion in your body. Oysters top the list of such foods. It’s abundantly rich in zinc and can help elevate both your libido and testosterone.

Red meat is another great source of zinc that can help boost your testosterone levels. This gives you another reason to enjoy your steak!

Some of the other foods that you must include in your diet consist of dairy and poultry products, olives, olive oil, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts and beans etc.

EFA’s like omega 3 fatty acids are extremely important for the production of testosterone and some of best sources of such fats include fish like salmon, tuna, sardines etc.

4. Try Natural Male Enhancement Pills

One of the most popular and effective ways to boost your sexual potency is with the help of herbal or natural male enhancement pills. Such pills are quite a rage since they can ensure quick and hard erections without any side effects. They are light and gentle on your inner system and build your body’s reserves slowly so that you can experience great sex once again.

Such pills are formulated with proven herbs, minerals and amino acids that not only increase blood flow to the penis but also boost testosterone production in your body.

Pills that include pomegranate ellagic acid or Bioperine are known to ensure better and faster results as compared to other pills. Good quality pills are not just effective but are recommended by doctors too.

So, if you want to get rock solid erections, check out the Best Penis Pills that have helped thousands of men like you over the past decade.

Source by Mark S. Smith

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