How to Cure Loud Stomach Noises

Loud stomach noises can be very embarrassing and can be caused by a variety of reasons. The biggest factor with loud stomach noise is diet, some people are more sensitive to some foods than others. While it can be something that is just as simple as not combining some food types. Eating high sugar foods with carbohydrates can be a cause of this – for example; if for lunch you ate a sandwich and an apple.

There is a solution to this, I personally suffered from very loud stomach noises for years. My job involved working very close with people and giving training sessions and so you can imagine how this was for me. People always asking if I was still hungry straight after lunch got a little boring after a while, this would lead to me not eating during the day to avoid the embarrassment but then I would get hungry and my concentration would lapse – it was not a happy way to be and so I set out to overcome this problem.

I visited my doctor and told him of my symptoms which included gurgling stomach noises after eating, gas or wind, a bloated stomach, a painful stomach if I remained seated for long periods of time and very often diarrhea. The doctor told me that these symptoms all fall under the ‘cloud’ of IBS – irritable bowel syndrome and that it is a condition which they don’t know what causes it but it can be related to stress and he suggested I write a food diary to see when it was at its worse. The food diary idea was interesting but it didn’t produce any worthwhile results. The problem was not solely with what I was eating, it was with the combination of food types, it was with eating foods that the body isn’t designed to eat – like refined foods.

I came to the conclusion that as this is a digestion and food related problem then there must be a diet and food related solution. I studied a lot of books on diet over the coming months and decided that I was going to take my foods back to basics. I would only eat simple foods – like a caveman would eat. I would eat meat, fish, low sugar vegetables and eggs. I would eliminate sugar because this was a suspect in these loud stomach noises and so with this I would eliminate fruit for the first two weeks. In total I wasn’t eating more than 20 ingredients and was only drinking water and tea. The reason is because I want to give my stomach minimal foods with no carbohydrates and no sugar so basically I was eating protein salads and meat and veg in the evening. Breakfast would usually include eggs, sausages, tomatoes etc.

Within two weeks my loud stomach noises had completely cleared up. They had gone!!! It was unbelievable. I am now six months into this and have introduced more foods but very slowly – usually a weeks at a time. For anyone who has experienced similar problems then I strongly suggest trying this because I am certain it will work for most people. I believe refined foods, combining carbs with fat during meals and sugar are the cause of this problem.

The best plan that I found is the CUREIBS plan. Although the condition I had was not IBS, the strategy of this plan is still the same and works wonders – within a week!! It is great for a full list of suitable and unsuitable foods, it will provide you with great techniques along with the correct times to introduce new foods. Within no time you will be back to normal!

Source by Alan Kings

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