Homemade Dog Food Tips

Before you start making your own homemade dog food, you need to know a couple of things. You need to find out what foods are toxic to your dog. You also should understand that preparing home made dog food may not be as easy as it sounds because it’s very much like to preparing food for your children. Making homemade dog food is not the same thing as gathering up your leftovers and scraps and throwing them in a dog bowl. Keep in mind, your reason for preparing home made dog food is provide you dog with a healthy diet. On the bright side, making homemade dog food can be cheaper since you can include your dog’s dietary requirements in your normal food shopping expenses. Dogs are omnivores just like people. This means they can eat vegetables and grains as well as meat.

Though people and dogs have different physiologies, there are a few things in common when it comes to diet. So many times, you’ll be able to make your homemade dog food while making your people food. For example, most home made dog food recipes will consist of a ratio of two thirds meat to one third vegetables. It’s all a matter of healthy cooking for both you and your dog, and making homemade dog food is a great way to start.

When you start preparing homemade food, pay careful attention to your dog’s reaction to the new recipes you use. There will probably be some items that they just refuse to eat. Try to substitute something else in the recipe next time, such as substitute turkey for chicken or potatoes for rice. Be on the lookout for changes in your dog’s behavior, especially such things such as scratching excessively. This may be an indication of an allergic reaction to one or more of the foods you’re using. Generally, homemade dog foods usually cause fewer allergic reactions than commercial dog foods.

By making your own dog food, you have complete control over what your dog is eating. It also allows you to make certain their food is fresh and of the good quality. Ensuring that your dog is getting the best possible food and nutrition is worth the investment in both time and energy. So why not take the time to find some homemade dog food recipes that use good quality ingredients and let your dog try it for a few days. You might be amazed at the changes you’ll witness in both your dog’s health and vitality.

The easiest place to find some good healthy homemade dog food recipes is online. There you’ll find cookbooks and recipes of all types. Just go to one of the Internet search engines and type in “homemade dog food recipes” and you have more than enough sites to visit. But watch out because some recipes are not as nutritious as others. You may want to take any recipes you download to your local vet and get their recommendations before you start feeding it to your pet. If you’re at all concerned about your dog’s health, try switching to homemade food today.

Source by Garry Neale

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