Fruit Smoothie Recipes

The smoothie is a blended beverage loved by adults and children. The delectable drink is found everywhere from health food markets to coffee shops. Because smoothies are easy to make, they become popular beverage that you can make yourself at home. Smoothies can be both a tasty desert and an excellent source of needed vitamins and minerals and most of them are absolutely fat free. Literally hundreds of smoothie recipes are available on the internet or in the books, and there is no way you wouldn’t find the one for you.

Smoothies purchased at a yogurt stand are often high calorie treats made with frozen yogurt, fruit juice, canned/frozen fruit, and a sweetener. Although these smoothies taste great, they can be expensive, and often have as many calories as a full meal.

You do not need to purchase an expensive food processor to make a smoothie at home. If you have a high speed blender, it is easy to follow smoothie recipes and make a variety of drinks for the price of a single smoothie from a shop.

To make a smoothie, blend your favourite unsweetened frozen juice concentrate with a mixture of your favorite fruits, and add water or ice until you reach your preferred texture. For a simple, but tasty smoothie recipe, try a Sunrise Surprise. Mix a can of apple juice concentrate, one banana, and a quarter cup (or desired amount) of chopped strawberries. Add water and ice to taste. This drink is an excellent source of folic acid and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and C.

For a creamier flavour, try a smoothie recipe with low-fat milk and yogurt. Yogurt adds acidophilus – – a bacteria that aids digestion. For an Orange Surprise, blend a cup of plain yogurt with orange juice. Then, gradually mix in your favourite fresh fruit (strawberries, raspberries or melon) to taste. For a thinner consistency, add skim milk.

Green smoothie recipes are popular with parents and naturopaths. When making a green smoothie, include a mixture of two parts fruit and one part green, leafy vegetables such as baby spinach, romaine lettuce or kale. Dark greens supply vitamins E and K, as well as calcium and fiber. Green smoothies aid digestion, boost the immune system, and help even the most finicky eaters obtain their daily portion of vegetables. For a Tropical Smoothie recipe, blend two mangos, ice and water. Then, add ½ cup of chopped baby spinach or romaine lettuce to the mix. Add orange juice or apple juice to sweeten and top with fresh mint or basil.

No matter which of the smoothie recipes you use, you will find that smoothies are fun, economical, and nutritious. And that is why we say eat 5 A Day the colour way!

Source by Stephanie Taylor

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