Food Recipes For One And All

Chocolate is supposed to be the food of the Gods and it comes in various shapes and forms among which is the chocolate cake. The chocolate cake recipe is one of the most popular food recipes and is included in all occasions be it for New year, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, christening parties or Thanksgiving. No occasion would be complete without a chocolate cake recipe.

Each chocolate cake recipe might have a different kind of chocolate; it could be dark, bitter, plain or dark chocolate or one which has very little sugar in it. The chocolate cake recipe might also use white chocolate in which case the cake turns out to be sweeter, richer and smoother and literally melts in your mouth. Some of these food recipes include organic chocolate which contains a lot of cocoa solids and is hence very expensive.

Chocolate cakes are topped with decorations which are indeed noteworthy. They make the cake look even more delicious. Many a cake recipe includes almonds, honey, dates and cherries for toppings. You can also have some chocolate curls or balls to top the cake. Any food recipes which include chocolate are a hot favorite with just about everyone.

Raw food is supposed to be a compulsory part of our diet if we are to eat healthy but it can be difficult to conjure up new recipes every day. But if you use the innumerable food recipes available on the Net, you will soon have your very own list of favorite food recipes to make any of several delicious dishes for each meal. You can choose from cucumber and tomato salad, melon sherbet or a papaya smoothie. You can try a whole lot of fruit salad recipes for desserts. For drinks try orange juice, watermelon juice, a cucumber cooler or a mango smoothie.

Then you can find food recipes by country like Chinese recipes which include Chicken Manchurian, Sweet and sour prawns or hakka noodles. Then you have the chicken tandoori and the paneer tikka from India. One of the most popular Jamaican food recipes is jerk which is normally mutton, pork or other meats cooked over a charcoal grill after applying a mixture of spices. Although they use many different spices, the most common are the annatto and the allspice. Annatto is obtained from the pulp which goes round the seeds of the achiote tree and its flavor is a mixture of nutmeg and pepper. The allspice also called Jamaican pepper or pimento is fiery hot so use this with caution.

The Net lets you look for some many free recipes and some websites even let you upload your recipe. So if you are willing to share your recipe with other people, you can do so. No matter if it is a cake recipe or any other food recipe you can put it up for the whole world to see. Soon you will be getting positive feedback as they try it out and leave their comments for you.

Source by Clint Jhonson

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