Educate Yourself About Green Balanced Smoothies

You’ve had to hear about those delicious green embodiments of health!  Yes, we are talking about the perfect Green Smoothies. These are ideal for you at any age.  The antioxidant benefits green smoothies provide are well known–boosting your immune system and overall systemic health. Now, when you add our smoothie mix formula into the Balance, you can begin gaining the potential for even more amazing benefits!  If you’re not aware, our “Balance” product line supplies your body with everything it needs to gain the right stability.  The ingredients are derived from organic plant bases and natural oils.  With the right balance you will notice a lessened amount of anxiety and stress, yet a heightened amount of energy at the same time.  There is the potential for improving your body both inside and out!  Ask yourself, “Do you want a truly balanced meal which really does give you exactly what you need, or do you prefer those which only claim to do so”?  Let’s harness the power of Green Smoothies with our Balance formula.


Meeting a Balanced Green Smoothie for Health

The difference between a Balance green smoothie and a sugar ladened one is all about the ingredients.  While natural sugar from fruits and vegetables is fine for your body, too much can cause you to store fat, just like bad food can.  Our Balance formula ensures that your green smoothie remains the mix you need it to be for optimal performance time and time again.  One of the major secrets is to keep your vegetable inclusion higher than fruit options.  There is a percentage you should follow, with the veggies always having more value than the fruit choices.  The amount of Balance smoothie formula powder you add should be the recommended proportion as well.  There is no need to add extra, or no reason to make an extremely heaping scoop either.  The potency is in the measured amount!


Clearly, as with anything, the results one might gain can vary.  Much of this depends upon your own initiative to get fit and healthy as well.  For instance, depending upon your current body size and activity level (and even what your goals are) you might need a Green Smoothie that is 90% veggie and 10% fruit, blended with our Balance formula and Soy milk to top off.  You can also use water for blending if you prefer.  Some can do well with whole milk, but there is more fat in that option.  However, if you’re maybe weight lifting, you can burn off the extra calories easy.


Balanced Green Smoothies Work Immediately! 

You’re going to find that a Green Smoothie which can detox and cleanse is yet again, balanced!  Balanced green smoothies simply provide the right nutrition, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fiber, and nutrition that is right for a healthy life both inside and out.  The Balance vitamin mix formula can potentially help you lose weight faster than if you failed to follow a structured plan. Furthermore, once you start on the Balance path, you’ll find your test results will show your improvements.  Again folks, it is all very simple!  You can actually gain 50% of the daily value of iron and and calcium in one sitting alone.  The best news:  It tastes fantastic!


Do you want to learn more?  If so, continue along and read the next blog post up and coming that will provide some of the most practical ways for making a healthy and balanced green smoothie!  It won’t take long before you begin to wonder what took you so long to pick up on a great way to improve your health and life.  You have nothing to lose, and getting started is really all about you.

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