Does Having A Lot Of Intercourse When Trying To Conceive Accelerate Your Ovulation Period?

I sometimes hear from people who want their ovulation day to come a little earlier this month. Perhaps they are trying to conceive and they won’t have access to their partner for the entire month. Or, maybe they have the optimal PH for the gender they are trying to get and they want to hurry up and ovulate so that they have the best chance of conception while their PH is the best that it can be. Because of these types of variables, people will often look for ways to speed up or bring on their ovulation at a time period that is earlier than normal.

One way that they will think to do this is by having more sex with more orgasms. I believe that they think that sex causes fluctuating hormones which in turn can bring on ovulation a little more quickly.

I might hear a comment like: “my husband has to go away on business this weekend. I am wanting to conceive a boy baby so I know that I need to have sex after ovulation. I do not want to ovulate this weekend and beyond because my husband won’t be here and I will lose a whole month to try to conceive. If we begin having sex now, will that make my ovulation occur a couple of days sooner?”

The Problems With This Plan: I wish I could tell you that it would. But unfortunately, at least in my opinion, this plan probably wouldn’t have a high chance of success. Your ovulation is determined by the rise of certain hormones that aren’t influenced by whether you are having sex or not. In fact, there isn’t much that you can do to change when your body naturally ovulates.

And here’s another problem with that plan. You’re proposing to have sex in the days leading up to ovulation in the hopes of making ovulation occur sooner. Since you want a boy, you need for the sperm to be released after ovulation. But by having sex regularly before ovulation, you’re introducing sperm well before your optimal time period, which actually makes a girl baby more likely. This is the opposite of what you want to do.

I know that being able to hand pick your ovulation day would make planning a lot less complicated. But unless you are taking hormones (which you wouldn’t want to do if you’re trying to conceive) your body is generally going to menstruate and ovulate based on when hormones are released internally (unless there is illness or medications that throw this schedule off.) Most of the time, your body sticks to the same basic cycle unless something puts it off track. When you’re trying to become pregnant, regular and predictable ovulation is important so it’s not in your best interest to tweak this cycle. If you don’t want to wait a whole month to try again, I’d suggest going with the husband on the business trip if this is at all possible. That’s probably a better solution than having sex before ovulation and making a girl baby more likely.

There are certain factors that you can control during this process. To some extent, you can control your vaginal PH by tweaking your diet or by douching. And, you can also control the sexual positions that you use when trying to become pregnant. Both of these things can influence your baby’s gender. But generally speaking, you can’t control when you ovulate. Generally, mother nature takes care of that. And this is an important variable, so it’s better to try to work with your body’s schedule than to try to change it.

Source by Sandy Dean

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