Diet and Nutrition – An Absolute Way Towards Healthy Skin

It starts with a glass of lukewarm water with some lime and honey. Next, it is a bowl full of fruits and veggies making a tempting food-porn. And that’s not all, a glass full of milk without sugar is what makes it complete.

Well, that’s how my morning breakfast goes everyday. Often am being asked – “Don’t you get bored out of the same breakfast routine?” “It’s important”, that’s what I answer most of the time. We all are aware of the fact that while juggling with the daily life, we often forget or we simply ignore the importance of having a healthy skin.

Not only it indicates your physical well-being, but also adds an impressive aura to your personality. Adding different sorts of nutritional eatables your diet can do wonders to your skin. From juicy orange to sweet strawberry and from raw pepper bells to sweet carrots; every fruit and vegetable can give your skin the nutrition it actually needs.

For your consideration, I am pointing a few benefits of good diet and nutrition your skin. Have a look:

  • Adds a natural shine to your skin. So you need not to bother your pretty face with those chemical creams that have side effects such as allergy and acne.
  • Keeps your skin hydrated which simply adds to your natural beauty and keeps those wrinkles and scars away. So you will be younger than ever with that supple and soft skin.
  • No more dead cells and spots that make your skin look like no less than a black egg. With clear skin and no blackheads you can walk down the college with full confidence and can make everyone gaze in awe.
  • Lessens the possibility of acne and saves you from spending thousands of bucks on acne treatments. With savings, you can better focus on other valuable things that need your attention.

What’s the best part? Well, taking a good diet will pose no side effects on your skin, so you’re less prone to dangerous diseases like cancer. In short, it adds a pleasing effect to your persona while keeping you fit and fine.

What’s your take on this? Do you follow any diet routine to keep your skin healthy? Which home remedies are the easiest to follow for better skin and beauty? Are there any harmless skin products which you are using to beautify yourself. I would love to hear from you!

Source by Kanikarshia Sharma

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