Depersonalization: Refreshing a Fatigued Mind

It’s extremely difficult to describe unless you’ve experienced it. One moment you’re feeling fine and the next you feel detached, unreal and very frightened because this sensation feels serious and doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. At least, that’s what you tell yourself.

You’re not sure what triggered this event but you begin to review days, weeks and even years of your life with a fine tooth comb in order to locate a reason for what seems to be a drastic shift in your own personal reality. You make appointment after appointment, doctor shopping and test scheduling, only to learn you are sound in mind and body, leading to more frustration and your fearful conclusion that they must have “missed something.” Medications are offered by rejected after they create a host of side effects and feelings of unreality still mysteriously linger. At this point in time, frustration sets in and you feel doomed to a life of brain fog forever. Exhausted, you resign yourself to these symptoms, believing there is no hope.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It helps to know that fear and only fear is the fuel that feeds these symptoms. The element of fear is what continues to tire, exhaust and fatigue your mind. It’s not the constant thought as much as the fearful thought. You may feel “trapped” in these uncomfortable sensations but they melt away when approached correctly. Reviewing your past, searching out a reason for brain fog becomes your habit and that too exhausts and fatigues, locking in the sensation of unreality, foggy mind and detachment from the present moment.

There is an Answer

The goal is to eliminate the unproductive behavior, the habit of fearful thinking and allow the mind to naturally refresh. Yes, the mind will ultimately refresh itself when you learn to step out of your own way.

The mind is ready, willing and able but at this point you are the problem. You have not yet learned how to interrupt the habit of fearful thought and constant checking in, which further lock in feelings of brain fog. You have not yet disengaged from the belief of being “damaged” or that something has been overlooked. This is a common fear connected with this condition, creating a strong resistance which if not corrected only prolongs recovery.

Personality Profile of Those Experiencing Depersonalization

– Highly Intelligent

– Analytical

– Overachiever

– Perfectionist

– Easy going personality

The list of triggers include:

– Stressful lifestyle

– Stressful career

– Use of recreational drugs and/or alcohol in excess

– Extended overuse of video games

– Prolonged illness or habit of worry

– Fearful thinking and unreconciled problems

Once it is understood how stress and fearful thought created a fatigued mind and the release of the belief that damaged occurred, you are able to move forward towards achieving clarity.

This requires a Two-Fold Approach

1- Behavior Modification: The first side of treatment is learning how to think in a more productive manner. It includes learning to lay down your resistance concerning the belief you are damaged. This is not the case and changing your perspective, will enable you to recovery more rapidly. It’s imperative to understand you are not damaged, nor ill, which is why medication often exacerbates the situation rather than helping.

It is also essential to learn how to eliminate the habit of fearful thought. Your fears have turned your thoughts inward in a rapid and highly negative manner. Recognition of this is an important step towards recovery.

Elimination of fearful, inward thinking allows the mind to refresh. One must eliminate the habit of inward studying of self in order to allow the mind to refresh.

2- Diet and Nutrition: The second side of treatment is diet and nutrition. This plays an equal part in creating a mind and body that is far less reactive. The beauty part of this is everything you require is already in your kitchen and also available to those who dine outside the home. There is a simple yet specific food plan that not only boosts serotonin in the brain naturally but also maintains balanced blood sugar levels. Once stabilized you find yourself far less reactive to outside stresses. Relaxation replaces anxiety and depersonalization responses.

The mind is waiting to refresh. The only obstacle is your fear and unproductive learned behaviors. These habits are simply remedied through understanding, behavior changing and applying the principles of food and nutrition to work for you rather than against you. As someone who has been through this difficult life interruption, I understand how disheartening you may feel but I also know the joy of being able to interrupt these sensations and move forward with your life. There is nothing as rewarding as being able to leave these reactions behind and move forward into a relaxing life.

The natural path to recovery of depersonalization is the only permanent path. This restores the set point in the brain to a less reactive level and returns full clarity to the mind.

A natural path is the only path that eliminates depersonalization permanently. It is worth your time and effort. It is lasting and eliminates the possibility of side effects or withdrawal symptoms.

Learn the two major recovery steps and you are on your way to a life free of intrusive depersonalization and anxiety symptoms:

– Behavior Changing: Learning to recognize unwanted and unproductive thought patterns and trading them in for a more productive way of thinking and living… one that self nurtures and promotes relaxation and clarity.

– Nutrition and Food Therapy: Following a simple yet specific food plan to maintain balanced blood sugar levels and promote strong Serotonin levels in the brain, naturally.

Once this is accomplished, clarity returns, relaxation replaces tension and stress. Life becomes easier and less of a struggle. Knowledge really is power in this case and the natural approach brings forth relief and permanent recovery.

Source by Dr. R.E. Freedman

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