Breaking the Cycle of Depersonalization

Unlearn the habits that keep you stuck.

Depersonalization, a feeling of unreality often known as brain fog, and is created out of a fatigued mind, a mind exhausted from the habit of fearful worry. It is kept in place by the cycle of fear and will remain there until one learns to break this unproductive way of thinking and behaving. It’s imperative to remember this is not an illness. Depersonalization is strictly a learned behavior, easily remedied when approached correctly.

The individual experiencing depersonalization is most likely also contending with anxiety and frustration (often mistaken for depression) and often prescribed medication, which actually prolongs recovery. The minute medication is discontinued, symptoms return. This is why it is essential to learn the correct way to break the cycle of depersonalization through behavior modification and nutrition. Once again, this is not an illness, which is precisely why medications have very little affect and in most cases exacerbate the situation.

The correct way to approach this stubborn symptom is to look at it for what it is, a tired mind, unable to refresh itself due to the strong habit of fearful worry, which further exhausts. The goal is to refresh this mind, as soon as possible, and free the person from this intrusive symptom.

When the habit of fear is broken, the fuel which maintains depersonalization is removed. The mind is immediately frees itself from the constant release of adrenaline associated with the cycle of fear, depersonalized thought and the exhausted mind.

The plan to refresh the mind is the one and only necessity for full and permanent recovery. It is achieved by a two-fold process:

(1) Learning how to unlearn the behavior of fearful thought and worry.

(2) Implementing a nutrition plan with an emphasis on boosting serotonin levels naturally and maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

This combination allows an exhausted mind to refresh and symptoms fall by the wayside. It is important to unlearn a behavior that is keeping one “stuck” in this unproductive habit. The mind and body are eagerly waiting for the habit of fear to abate so it can refresh and lead to the return of clarity.

Changing the way one thinks and perceives resets the part of the brain that is always reacting to assumed dangers. New behaviors are essential since we are what we think about all day long. Un-learning unproductive thought patterns allows one true control over body reactions, which medication could never achieve.

The nutrition plan ensures a calmer more relaxed mind which contributes to a far less reactive body. Learning to boost serotonin naturally results in less reactivity to outside stresses, better sleep and a true sense of well being. Balanced blood sugar levels create a mind and body where stress reactions are not as easily triggered. Eliminating stressful substances (caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, excess sugars) allows one a mind and body that is far less likely to over-react.

Learning how to unlearn this habit is foremost in recovery and not difficult to achieve. It does not require a long or drawn out process for best results and is actually enjoyable to utilize.

The goal is to break the cycle of depersonalization, remove feelings of unreality and clear the fog. This is easily achieved by adhering to this simple, natural process, with no need for medication or long term treatment.

Source by Dr. R.E. Freedman

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