Benefits of Wrestling on Long-Term Health

Wrestling, like any sport, has great effects on long-term and short-term health. Being a good wrestler requires speed, flexibility, and strength. It also demands agility, stamina, and strategy from wrestlers. If you are lacking in any of these skills, you will surely learn them as you learn the sport, and gain lean muscle mass while burning fat along the way. Which is great, because the more muscle mass you have the faster your metabolism works, allowing you to maintain a healthy weight throughout the season.

Wrestling, though not as obviously as soccer or basketball, offers great caloric expenditure. Only 15 minutes of wrestling burns a whopping 150 calories, making this a great option for a high-return workout when you are pressed for time.

Because wrestling is an individual sport, you can really focus your energy on bettering your game without relying on a team or having a team relying on you. This solo sport allows for you to build good personal discipline as well as self-confidence that can be used both on and off the mat.

Wrestlers are some of the most highly conditioned sportsmen, tuned in to both their weight and muscle mass. When this physical endurance is combined with the knowledge and skill necessary to win a match, you are looking at some truly well rounded athletes.

Unfortunately, many wrestlers have to gain or lose weight quickly to make a specific weight class on game day. This unhealthy practice can be avoided by closely watching your nutrition throughout the season.

Source by Geoff James

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