Ancient Method of Cooking is a Very Modern Way to Prepare Healthy

Clay pots not only cook foods perfectly, they’re actually healthier than other cooking methods. Clay seals in nutrients–eliminating the need for added fats–and carries seasonings deeper into the food, meaning you can use less salt, for more details visit to making clay pot cooking an ideal for low-fat and low-sodium diets.

Cooking in clay pots is an easy and convenient way of preparing a meal. An unglazed clay pot maintains the level of moisture needed for optimal cooking, meaning you can place an entire meal’s meat and veggies in the pot, for more details visit to put it in the oven and goes do something else for 45 minutes to an hour while dinner cooks, without worrying that it’s going to scorch or cook dry.The secret is the porous clay used to make the pots. You simply immerse both pot and cover in water and let it soak for ten minutes before placing the food into the pot, then put it into the cold oven–no pre-heating! All the ingredients for your complete meal can be placed in one pot. When it’s done, simply take it out of the oven and serve right from the pot. Today’s clay pots are attractively designed to go from the oven to the table.

The porous clays used in terra cotta baking pots will absorb a great deal of water. During the cooking process, fast-moving, super-heated water molecules penetrate the foods in the pot, depositing spices from the surface deep within the food. This means you can use less salt–making clay cooking pots ideal for people on reduced sodium diets. Foods stay moist and flavorful while they cook, from the moisture retained in the unglazed bottom of the pot, and the unique clay cooking process seals nutrients within the food, rather than boiling them out.

Steam-cooked veggies, savory soups and yummy desserts are a snap to make using your oven and a covered clay “baker.” This ancient method of cooking is a very modern way to prepare healthy, delicious meals that are also fast and easy for the cook.

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