5 Positive Reasons Why It Benefits To Drink Copper Infused Water

Drinking water from a pure copper mug is considered very beneficial for our well-being. By storing water in one of the copper mugs, minute traces of copper will start to leach into the water. Plus, the water that is left in these mugs will stay fresh for a long-time and won’t start to taste stale.

Here are five reasons to drink from a copper mug:

Digestive system

Copper contains beneficial properties that can promote the more efficient digestive system. A well-balanced diet that includes the copper-infused water can help the stomach in several ways, such as reducing inflammation, killing harmful bacteria, and increasing the ability to fight infections, indigestion, and ulcers. Plus, copper can help to detox and cleanse the stomach and make sure the kidneys and liver are working efficiently.

Weight loss

A regular drink of plain water taken from a copper mug can help those attempting to lose weight. Getting more of the copper mineral into the system is not only appreciated for improving the digestive system, but also helps to speed up the body’s ability to break down fat. This means the body is less likely to store fat that isn’t needed.

Heart disease

The risk of experiencing a common ailment like heart disease is kept to a minimum with the proper concentration of copper in the diet. Copper is beneficial for the cardiovascular system and heart for its ability to lower the triglyceride and cholesterol levels, while also regulating the heart rate and blood pressure. Also, copper infused water or natural food sources can help to dilate the blood vessels and ensure it flows more efficiently to the heart.

Kills bacteria

Copper has the ability to naturally sterilize and can fight off the development of bacteria, especially S. aureus and E. Cali. Both of these bacteria can lead to serious illness and are known to be quite widespread in the environment. The use of cooper can help to minimize the outbreak of waterborne diseases such as jaundice, dysentery, and diarrhea. Plus, a sanitation system using copper is the most cost-effective option to cleanse water in counties that lack the proper drainage systems.


A natural remedy for the fine lines that start to appear on the face is copper. Copper is rich in antioxidant properties that help to fight off radicals, which is a significant reason for the development of fine lines. Also, this mineral can help to promote the emergence of new skin cells as a replacement for the old cells.

Source by Leo Eigenberg

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