11 Things That The "Mentally Invincible" Do Everyday

The word “invincible” is an adjective that means “too powerful to be defeated or overcome”. People who are mentally invincible are those rare birds who just never fail to get it done regardless of the odds or obstacles put before them.

You might know a few people who have this unique power. They are business executives, entrepreneurs, and parents. Wherever they go, people gravitate towards them and want to be like them. They make it look easy. But in reality, the only thing they have done is master a few simple concepts, and follow through on them every day.

I have the pleasure of working with and sharing friendships with several people who fit the description of being mentally invincible. When they put their mind to accomplishing something big or small, that’s when the magic happens. It is truly an amazing power, and something that I think many of us would love to master. Including me.

So, I sat down and made a list of the things that these people do everyday that makes them so extraordinary and special. Here are the 11 things I came up with that the mentally invincible people do everyday:

1. They always have a plan:

Whether it is written down on paper, on the computer, or in their heads, these folks know exactly what they will be doing every minute of the day. They recognize and appreciate the gift of time, and chose to use every available second to their advantage.

2. They get the job done:

Regardless of the task, they will see it through to completion. Nothing is ever left undone or incomplete. They simply are not able to live with themselves until the task is completed.

3. They don’t make excuses:

Excuses simply do not exist for these folks. They take responsibility for everything that happens in their life. If something does not turn out as planned, they focus on what they could have done differently to affect a positive outcome rather than playing the blame game.

4. They don’t give up:

This is perhaps the most prolific quality within this group – The ability to persist regardless of the obstacles no matter how long it takes.

5. They schedule time for themselves:

The busier these people are, the more persistent they are about scheduling time for themselves. They recognize the importance of spending time on themselves every day, whether through exercise at the gym, meditating, reading for pleasure, socializing with friends, or getting their hair done. Taking time for them everyday is a priority.

6. They don’t waste time:

To the mentally invincible, wasting time is a sin and must be avoided at all costs. It means avoiding anything and everything that is a “time suck”. This pertains not only to people and circumstances, but states of mind. For example, I once asked a client of mine if he ever felt down or got depressed. He said that depression was a waste of mental energy, so why allow it to occupy space in your head? Okay. Seems simple enough.

7. They know how to say “NO”:

You know how when someone who is not a friend or family member asks you if you can help them out with something and you don’t have the time but you say yes anyway? Yeah, these folks don’t do that. They protect their time like it was gold bullion, and reserve it for family and close friends. So don’t ask them to man your lemonade stand.

8. They don’t worry about things they can’t control:

I think this is one of the main reasons why these people don’t let themselves get depressed. Things that are out of their control do not even register on their radar. For example, what others think about them, they don’t care. They have no control over, what others think so why worry about it. As long as they are being true to their values, that is all that matters.

9. Family is the #1 priority in their lives:

They draw strength from their family. My first impression of the mentally invincible is that they were islands in a vast ocean. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are not only dependent upon the love of their family, but they are passionate about preserving the integrity of the family unit and always work to make it stronger.

10. They embrace failure:

It is cliché to say that we learn from failure, but to the mentally invincible, failure is elevate to an art form. They draw their power from failure. Failure is the fuel that keeps them moving forward with ever more power and momentum. The more failure they encounter, the stronger they become.

11. They turn anger & frustration into positive energy:

To many, the emotions of anger and frustration have the ability to derail and lead to seriously bad decision-making. Think about how your judgment is distorted when angry or frustrated, and how actions taken in the heat of the moment could be life altering. The mentally invincible do the opposite. They gain clarity and purpose from anger and frustration. It sharpens their focus and allows them to pursue a challenge with renewed energy and purpose.

There are more things, but these are the ones that are most apparent to me. If you ever have the opportunity to spend time with a person like this, embrace it. Get from the experience everything you can and learn from it. The richness of your life can be so enhanced when you are too powerful to be defeated or overcome.

Source by Mike B Christie

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