10 Proven Tips for Men to Arouse Women Using Minimal Sexual Touch

The art of dating and being considered a great lover involves behaving in ways she is not accustomed to by most men. The reason women are unfamiliar with these successful strategies is because most men do not know or practice them. 10 Arousal tips are provided to help you learn and practice what women seek. With years of experience as a psychologist working with couples and women, I have posted for you some of their secrets that arouse them.

1) Dress well, keep clean and stay fit. A woman will always notice what you wear around the house and in bed. Do not think a T-shirt and boxers will get her aroused. Dressing well in your day-to-day life sends her the message you care about the way you look. Maintaining proper hygiene is paramount. Not only should you regularly bathe and brush your teeth, be sure to be clean with fresh breath when you plan to have a night of sexual fun.

2) Women’s sex talk can be very different to what many men like. Although there are some women who like direct sex talk such as “I want to be inside you now”, most women like indirect sex talk such as “I think you’re beautiful” or “I want to make love to you”. Women tend to prefer subtle ways of letting her know you want to be sexual with her.

3) Don’t forget the rest of her body. To get a woman aroused, always first touch, caress, kiss, and/or lick parts of her body other than her “sex parts”. Ask your woman what parts of her body she finds sensitive and start there. The longer you go without touching her sexual areas will always work to your advantage.

4) The Kiss is the first step to getting a woman aroused when foreplay is about to begin. Start to kiss her slowly and begin your kisses first on parts of her body like her neck, forehead, and cheeks. Do not start deeply French kissing her unless you are darn sure she is ready for deep kissing. Light kissing along with deep eye gazing is always a good first step.

5) A way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. Although usually is said about men, being a good cook and preparing her meals she will enjoy can often times get her aroused for later in the evening. Serve her a terrific meal. Whether it is breakfast in bed or a late night snack, she will always be impressed with presenting her food.

6) Indirect sexual contact can arouse a woman more than you would believe. Many men immediately go to a women’s clitoris or move to penetration. Indirect clitoral contact around her pubic bone, inner thighs, and outer vaginal lips will always get her aroused for deeper sexual foreplay.

7) Self confidence arouses women. Bragging, cockiness, and arrogance never turn a woman on. Instead, self-confidence is illustrated to from understanding she is more than a sexual object. Regularly communicating this fact will lead her to believe you are self-confident. If you do this on a regular basis, you yourself will become more confident about getting physical.

8) Inject humor in your sexual foreplay. Women love a man who can be funny and comedic before and during foreplay. This is not to say you should conduct a stand up comedy routine, but feeling comfortable to be jovial sends her the message you enjoy her company.

9) Set an atmosphere. Women truly enjoy sights, sounds, and smells. Simply dimming the lights, putting on romantic music, and/or lighting aromatic candles can sexually stimulate her senses.

10) Listen, Listen, Listen. What is most erotic to a woman is how well a man listens to her. Since women are social creatures, showing her you are a good listener will always arouse her senses and send her the message you want more than just her body.

These 10 tips will work for a vast majority of women. These tips come from my years working as a psychologist counseling couples and women. Almost 90% of the women I have counseled have verbalized to me their wish men would treat them in a manner as suggested above. The more of the tips you can practice, the better chances you will have at being viewed by women as a great person and lover.

Source by Michael Nuccitelli, Psy. D.

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