Understanding The 17 Day Diet

If you are keen on losing weight and keeping fit you must have come across the 17 day diet. This is a diet that aids in helping you to shed 10-15 pounds in only 17 days.

The theory behind it is that it creates "body confusion" thus the body is unable to adapt to the changes in the amount of calories that you are taking. As a result of this your metabolism stays in high gear and you are able to lose a lot of fat.


The regimen is divided into three 17 day cycles that are meant to prevent you from getting bored with the food that you eat. The cycles also prevent your body from going into a plateau.

Cycle 1 : this one lasts from day one to day 17. The aim of this cycle is to accelerate your body. During this cycle you greatly reduce your sugar intake and focus on improving your digestion.

You should eat unlimited amounts of lean meat and no-starch vegetables at all. You should also take two fat-free plain yogurts and two low-sugar fruits. It's also recommended that you take green tea and plenty of water. If you do the right things, you should lose 10-15 pounds.

Cycle 2 : cycle 2 lasts between day 18 and day 34. The aim of this cycle is to activate your body through calorie cycling. Here you alternate in taking high and low calorie foods with the aim of confusing the metabolism so that it does not slow down. If you eat the right foods you will be able to lose 5-6 pounds.

Cycle 3 : this is the period between day 35 and day 51. This phase is meant to help you attain good eating habits. Here you take limited amounts of proteins, whole grains and fruits. In short you are served a balanced-calorie diet. During this time you should lose 2-3 pounds.

Once you are through with the three cycles, you enter the final cycle which is an ongoing phase. You should regularly monitor your weight and ensure that you do not add any. If you add 5 pounds, you should immediately return to cycle 2.


This is what you need to 17 day diet. While the diet will help you in losing weight, you need to follow it diligently. To avoid problems in future you should only take the diet only after you have been cleared by your doctor.

Source by Felix G