Top 5 Home Remedies for Colon Elimination

Colon is an important part of digestive system where all the necessary nutrients and water are completely absorbed from the food by the digestive cells and the rest of the food remains turn into feces. Hence it is essential that the colon is cleaned from these waste products regularly to give room for this digestive process of more foods here. Many people suffer from the problem of irregular colon elimination, which gives rise to accumulation of gas in the stomach, thus causing abdominal pain and nausea; the nutrition of the body is also affected as digestive system becomes less effective in these cases. Therefore patients look for home remedies for solving this uneasy health problem.

Ajwain for softening the waste materials:

Ajwain of Bishop’s weeds are a popular spice, which is used to dissolve the too hard parts of the feces and thus help them in passing out of the digestive tract more easily. Ajwain gives better results when it is warmed, powdered and mixed with black salt and asafoetida (hing); this combination needs to be taken by the patient for many numbers of times before his bowel gets completely cleaned, causing much comfort to him.

Papaya for supplying fiber to the food:

Papaya is a healthy fruit, which provides plenty of nutrients and water to the body, thus resulting in enabling the waste products to move out of the body very easily. Papaya also contains a group of enzymes collectively called papain that breaks protein molecules into amino acids, thus also helping in digestion of protein-rich foods. Hence the patient should ideally eat everyday a plateful of this fruit in ripe stage to receive best effects on clearing the colon, as ripe papaya also provides enough fibers to make waste products of the colon much softer and thus makes the bowel movement much smoother.

Buttermilk for healthy colon:

Buttermilk is a healthy drink, which contains useful bacteria along with the nutritional properties of milk. These good bacteria help in cleaning up the colon and thus maintain it in proper healthy form. Hence the patients suffering from irregular bowel problem are advised to drink a glass of buttermilk after each full meal everyday, to keep the colon totally clear and pollution-free, in turn increasing the digestive power of the body.

Water for flushing out all toxic products:

Drinking lots of water is a very good habit which helps not only in hydrating the body, but also forces out all harmful toxins and bacteria out of the colon. Hence ideally eight to nine glasses of water is supposed to be drunk for both prevention and cure of this complication of colon elimination. It has been proved to be a good habit to drink at least 2 – 3 glasses of lukewarm water early morning in empty stomach, which improves the bowel movement and thus resulting in regular colon elimination of the user.

Lemon juice for easier bowel movement:

Lemon is a citrus fruit which is highly rich in vitamin C and known for its anti-oxidant properties. Therefore lemon juice is always recommended for the treatment of colon problems, which cleans the colon perfectly by making easier bowel movement. Lemon juice needs to be taken with warm water and honey on early morning for best outcome. Lemon juice can be taken with plain water after all the meals too, which gives more or less similar result.

Thus any patient suffering from the irritating problem of untimely colon elimination can try out these excellent home remedies which are used for generations and always have proved to be beneficial in the treatment of this health problem. These remedies will also save the patient from the expensive and painful medical treatments, generally prescribed by the doctors for treating the acute condition of this disease.

Source by Lopamudra Sinha