The Secret to Healthy Living

There is no 'secret word' or 'magic bullet' that can open the door to healthy living.

The saying goes, "Rules are meant to be broken". In all practicality, all resolutions relating Fad Diets are also meant to be considering that there is 'no one solution that fits all'.

It's easy to get simply carried away on the tide of novelty; the human psyche thrives on elements of drama in many areas and diets, health issues is one area that can get people to adopt the 'herd mentality' and simply go with what everyone else is doing.

How much that can have a bearing on one's health and fitness is anyone's guess. Because, each individual body has its own metabolism and mechanism of dealing with food and anything that we ingest. What would be ideal is a diet that is well balanced and a lifestyle that is healthy; imbalances that we create within our bodies take a heavy toll in the long-run.

Getting overwhelmed easily

It is very difficult to pinpoint any one single factor to explain the fascination for 'instant-fix' ways and means to put our bodies into shape. We are living in the age of instant gratification where expectations are far beyond the efforts we put in, meaning that everyone expects instant results without going through the full cycle of efforts or tasks required to complete them. Here is where advertising and gimmickry play a great role in misleading people; conveniently, they allow them to see only what they wish the consumers to see, the ugly, dirty facts are hidden behind layers of marketing facts most of which are to the detriment of consumers. It's hard to understand sometimes whether consumer health or profits come first.

Avoiding Fad Diets

However, not all diets are fad or to be brushed off. Any diet that propagates a complete health plan with healthy choices of food habits, regular exercise regimen and works to providing overall physical and mental well-being can possibly be used as a basic guideline to work on a lifestyle plan that will suit every individual. Too much of one food or too little of one food, as some 'Cleansing Diets' prescribe may not work for every person.

Here, we should also look at the many exercise and fitness programs that lean heavily on use of equipment and machinery to 'build muscle mass', shape '6-pack abs' and give a 'lean, well-toned body'; they all look in pictures but sometimes all that muscle mass is positively ugly!

Instead, nothing can give more pleasure than a leisure walk on a quiet street or in the park observing others around you and storing little snippets of information that you could use later. Social habits are developed in a social group, yet enjoying a walk with a friend or family is a better alternative than sweating it on the treadmill watching how your count is going.

The Key to Good Health

Variety is the Key, as it is so often said. As nutritional and health experts point out, fad diets only show you how to lose weight fast, they do not advise you how to keep the weight off. And therein, lies the fundamental truth about these fancy diets that scream out to us from newspapers, TV spots, billboards and health products that do not always tell the facts.

Moderation is what is required to maintain a good equilibrium of health which automatically leads to a positive mind and attitude. Think of the body as a factory where several processes are occurring at the same time; It's a well-oiled machine that runs perfectly provided nutritional nutrition is fed regularly and preventive measures are put in place to avoid breakdowns and malfunctioning. Like chemical imbalances which can be catastrophic, bodily equilibrium can break down completely giving rise to illnesses and diseases which can be extremely harmful.

Source by Urvi Tandon