Recipes for Breakfast: Quick, Hot Meals to Start Your Day

If you’re a busy mom, you’ve probably had more than your share of cold breakfasts that weren’t really thought through. A couple of leftover biscuits with jam, cold pizza . . . the reason we fall into the cereal rut is because we run out of ideas and aren’t able to get things done on time. If you’re looking for quick recipes for breakfast, it’s really a matter of thinking ahead.

Meal planning can be invaluable, even if you only do it for breakfasts. Have everything on hand and look for recipes for breakfast that you can even make the night before. This saves a lot of time in the morning and ensures that you can get everything done and everyone fed on time. Need some ideas?

Rice Pudding: Traditionally a dessert, this dish is actually excellent as a breakfast and you don’t even have to cook anything extra! Just use leftover rice from dinner, add in eggs, milk, raisins and spices and a little sugar and you’ve got yourself a delicious breakfast that can be served cold or heated in the microwave.

Waffles and Pancakes: The next time you make either of these Sunday favorites, make a double batch and freeze half. Just layer them with wax paper between and pop into a zipper bag. To thaw, toss in the toaster or toaster oven. No need to spend tons of money on the now rare Eggo Waffles!

Coffee Cake: There are infinite variations of coffee cake recipes and you can make them for a year without ever repeating. They are really quick to whip up and while they do have to bake, you can be getting the kids dressed or having a shower during this time since you don’t have to stand there watching over the food.

Poached Eggs: There are a lot of things you can do with poached eggs. They’re super simple, just drop the egg into boiling water. Serve as is, poach in soup or serve hot on top of cheese and toast.

Smoothies: Why stick to solids? You can whip up a very tasty smoothie with a little milk or yogurt, a couple of bananas and any other fruit you might like. Some people take this a step further and make healthy green smoothies by adding spinach which doesn’t flavor the smoothie but adds vitamins and fiber.

There are so many ways to make breakfast for your family without having to get up hours in advance. You’ll all feel a lot better if you have a nice meal in your stomachs as you head off to school and work, too!

Source by Genesis Davies