Oprah and the Acai Berry Fruit – Scam Or Magic Weight Loss Pill?

Who doesn’t know who Oprah Winfrey is? Oprah has been famous for many decades and has been crowned as the “Queen of Day Talk Shows”, giving her the power to make or break a product or even any person. The day Oprah announced to the world about her new weight loss diet involving the Acai berries, its popularity has soared and immediately became known to the world.

Acai berry was first introduced in one of Oprah Winfrey’s episodes, when she allowed a renowned medical specialist, Dr. Perricone to announce to the world its advantages. During this episode, Dr. Perricone announced his top ten superfoods, and on the top of his list was a product called MonaVie, which is a mixture of 19 different fruit extracts, whose main ingredient was Acai Berry.

The beneficial qualities of the Acai Berry was first introduced in Dr. Perricone’s book entitled “The Perricone Promise”, which, beforehand, was one of the books that Oprah has recommended. This was considered the initial launching or introduction of the miracle fruit that grows only in the very limited boundaries of the Amazon rainforest found in Brazil. The distribution of the Acai berries has been limited to a number of sub-companies who manufacture products made from the Acai berries because its freshness only extends to 24 hours upon harvesting, although its juice and the natural organic elements found in it remain.

There are various health advantages that Acai berry offers. They not only increase the speed of metabolism but also increase mental capacity, weight loss, and a lot more. It improves the digestive system so that food are digested more quickly, preventing the body from storing fat. This is what makes people lose between 8 up to 25 pounds in just one month.

What makes Acai berry different from all herbs and fruits is that it can be eaten in lieu of many foods. It has more than 30 times the content of anthocyanins in red wine and has fatty acids similar to that of olive oil and high amount of fiber.

With Oprah announcing the health benefits of Acai berry to the world, men and women from many countries started finding out what this fruit can offer. Those who have tried the product (including Oprah), now understand the advantages of Acai from all other weight loss products. Aside from its weight loss benefits, it is also helpful to people’s health in many other ways.

Source by Candice O Parker