Nutrient Contents of Orange for Health

Who does not know orange fruit? I am sure all of you already know like what orange is. Small children also know like what the fruit is. The fruit that has a sour taste can be found anywhere in the whole of world. We can also get it in every season without having to wait for certain seasons. This is because the fruit can be harvested in each season.

Orange fruits are often made in juice drinks. The fruit is famous for its vitamin C content, not only delicious to eat but also good to serve as drinks too. If you go to the ice juice stores then there must be orange juice provided. However, except vitamin C there are still many contents of orange fruit which are very good for health. Here are some of the contents of orange and their benefits:

Vitamin C

Oranges are most known with vitamin C content. An orange fruit is able to meet up to 110% of Vitamin C that the body needs. Vitamin C can reduce free radicals in the intestine. Free radicals in the intestines can cause DNA damage and increasing the risk of colon cancer. By reducing free radicals, the cancer risk can be reduced.

One of the other benefits of vitamin C is as the immune system. Preventing flu and ear infections.


Antioxidants which are contained in orange fruit are useful for protecting skin, keep skin young. Free radicals that attached to the skin can cause damage that ended in the emergence of wrinkles. By eating an orange a day is able to protect skin cells from free radicals attack so skin rejuvenation is maintained.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is very useful to help the formation of hemoglobin. The content of magnesium in the vitamin is also beneficial to maintain blood pressure remained normal.


Beta-cryptoxanthin is useful to reduce the risk of lung cancer. Beta-cryptoxanthin can be obtained from many fruits, including corn, pumpkin and orange.

Source by Fathoni Luthfi