How to Ease Anxiety During Pregnancy

This is a dilemma that many mother’s face in today’s age. With all the physical and hormonal changes going on often small issues seem to become insurmountable.

Remember to recognise the issues that you actually can do something about and forget the rest. NEVER SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!!!

Below is a list of suggestions on how to ease your anxiety. Please read them and then choose those that resonate with you. You don’t have to do all of them BUT do do some.

  • It’s important to rest when you feel the need.
  • Take time out and do “me” stuff.
  • Use your friends and share your concerns with them. Go out and enjoy their company.
  • Converse about and discuss your troubles.
  • Go to parenting classes and ask questions and learn about what may be troubling you.
  • Talk to family. You don’t have to do things on your own.
  • Read books on the topics of concern but remember not everything will appeal to you OR just read a book for enjoyment. It is great to escape from your troubles in a good novel.
  • Eat well and healthy. This will give you more energy and help prevent excess weight from weighing you down. Seek help from your doctor, pharmacist or health practitioner on what they suggest and if unsure.
  • Keep fit. Its important to keep up your exercise but also to attempt appropriate exercises to stretch the right lower muscles to prepare for birth. Birthing exercise classes are available as well as DVD’s. Enquire, go and DO. Exercise releases those happy endorphins which will also help to allay those mixed up hormones that cause moodiness and enhance anxiety.
  • Vitamins, herbs and nutrition. These are paramount not only for the health of your baby but also for you. Everyone hears about folic acid for prevention of neural tube issues but don’t forget calcium and magnesium, the vitamin Bs and a host of others. Your pharmacist is a good source of information. Remember that the baby takes priority for receiving the nutrition and not you so make sure you consume not only for the baby but for you too.
  • Be ready for the birth. Make your lists so that your subconscious mind will not be pestering your mind all day long not to forget. Keep a pad and pen handy and write down all the things that pop into mind. Don’t let it sneak up on you. Prepare your hospital bag. Be aware of what you are in for and yes, prepare.
  • PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE! If you know you have prepared well then there will be no need to be anxious all the time.
  • Discuss your money issues with your partner or if on your own make a budget. Stick to the plan so that there will be no need to be anxious over money concerns. MOST baby items don’t have to be brand new and can be obtained from friends, eBay, garage sales etc at minimal cost. You don’t have to have a brand new house or a large one or a brand new car. The baby needs you as relaxed as possible and not all stressed out trying to juggle an unrealistic budget.
  • Different government funding or assistance may be available to help out in certain cases. Don’t ignore this one.
  • Share one on one time with your partner. Don’t forget to involve him in the pregnancy. Having your partner on side will certainly help to reduce the anxiety. They are having their own issues and may not be always aware of what is happening to you. Also your partner may feel isolated due to the personal bond that you share with your unborn child.
  • Talk about the changes that will occur once the baby is born. Talk about your plan on raising your child. This will solve anxiety issues also after birth.
  • Take relaxation classes. We often forget what it is like to relax.
  • Use positive affirmations and reinforcement. Enjoy the experience. Be a half full kind of person not the glass is half empty.
  • Practise deep breathing techniques that can be used at any time to help relieve any anxiety or panic attacks that occur.
  • Seek help if anxiety and stress are getting on top of you. There are many natural products available that are safe in pregnancy that you can use to help ease the anxiety. Speak to your health practitioner including your pharmacist on this issue. There is also cognitive therapy and if needed medications available.

In summary I will once again say:


The house can be cleaned over several days; the washing up can wait till the next morning; the washing and ironing never go away so don’t hassle over it.

Don’t forget to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine.

Enjoy your anxiety reduced pregnancy!

Source by Diana McAuliffe