How These Food Choices Can Harm Your Baby

Everything in this article is relevant for children. If we want to have healthy children, we should feed them healthy food.Mothers should prepare their bodies nutritionally, well ahead of becoming pregnant, by detoxifying, drinking lots of fresh juices, eating raw foods, getting essential fatty acids such as hemp and flax oils, breathing fresh air, exercising, and resting.

When babies are changed over from breast milk to a cooked, solid food diet, they try to spit the food out. They intuitively know it is dead food. However, after repeated persistence and coaxing by mom or dad, they give in and accept the substandard cooked nutrition.

Their natural instincts for healthy food are gradually suppressed. Several unhealthy processes begin to happen in a baby’s body as a result of eating cooked food.

First, cooked food digestion is incomplete and stools take on an offensive odor. The undigested matter is literally, rotting food.

Second, the body starts to use its stored nutritional reserves to maintain life-sustaining activities. If the feeding pattern continues, nutritional deficiencies start to develop.

Third, toxins from the incompletely digested and assimilated food begin to accumulate in the organs of elimination.

Fourth, retained toxins begin to be stored in various tissues throughout the body, thereby reducing its overall efficiency. When the combination of organ congestion, toxin storage, and nutritional deficiencies reach the point where the body can no longer maintain homeostasis- usually later in life-disease symptoms begin to manifest.

Babies should be fed breast milk-with the mother eating correctly- until they have teeth for chewing. Breast milk is natural food. It contains everything needed in the correct proportions for the proper growth and development of a baby.

Babies do not begin producing digestive enzymes in their bodies until their teeth have begun to erupt, meaning they have great difficulty handling solid food. If for some reason, the mother is unable to breast feed the infant for long, the next best substitute is raw goat’s milk mixed with equal parts of fresh carrot juice, juice from a stick of celery, and pure water.

Cow milk is not recommended, even raw, because it is too high in calcium and protein, in addition to its acid-alkaline balance being wrong. Pasteurized products should not be fed to babies, while canned formulas should only be used as a last resort.

These are dead, mucus-producing foods; they precipitate sinus problems, ear infections, allergies, and lung disorders.Infants and children thrive on raw, whole foods. When weaning babies, introduce raw fruit first, then after a while, vegetables, both of which can be pulverized and broken down in a blender, food processor, or juicer.

As they grow, babies are gradually able to handle a greater variety of whole fruits and vegetables. Make this type of food a major portion of their intake, and watch the results.

Source by Ron Garner