How Can I Make Sure I Have Or Conceive A Boy Baby Instead Of A Girl?

The other day I received an email from a mom who already had a daughter and was hoping for a boy with her next pregnancy.  She wanted to know if there was any way that she could “make 100% sure that I get a boy baby this time.”  She already had the baby girl experience and wanted to give her husband a son.  She wanted someone to carry on the family name, someone who could play sports and hang out with dad, and someone who could give her the unique experience of parenting the opposite sex.  So, in the following article, I’ll share with you what I told her.

Can You Make Sure You Conceive A Boy Baby With 100% Certainty?: If there is a fool proof way to get a son, it involves a sterile lab and people who are taking on the role of mother nature.  There is a procedure called preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) in which the doctor determines the sex of each embryo before he implants them.  If you want a son, he would only implant boy embryo.  Often, this procedure is carried out by couples who need artificial insemination anyway because of medical issues that keep them from conceiving on their own.  Since the implantation is already taking place in the lab, it’s only one extra step to determine the implanted embryo’s sex.

However, this procedure is much less common for couples who are able to conceive on their own without any clinical help.  That’s because of the high cost of the procedure (thousands of dollars.)  This subset of parents to be often would like to try natural methods that don’t cost them much of anything but time.  So, I’ll discuss the natural route below.

The Things That Can Keep You From Getting The Son You Want: If there are deterrents to your making sure that you get a boy, it’s this.  You simply can not have X sperm chromosomes in your vaginal or reproductive tract during the time that your egg is going to be fertilized (ovulation.)  These X sperm produce baby girls and they can live for a much longer period of time than those that would make your boy conception happen.  You really do not want to play the waiting game with them, because time is definitely on their side.  So, you want to weed them out before ovulation actually happens.

The things that would keep this from happening are as follows:

1.  You could try to conceive too early.  As I said, the boy sperm don’t live for nearly as long as the girls.  So, if you are having sex early in your fertile window, you’re going to thrawt your efforts.  The boy sperm could well be very low in numbers at the time that you can actually get pregnant.  This is definitely not the scene that you want.  You actually want just the opposite to happen. So, conceive late in the window to make sure that you have healthy, fast Y’s that can put on the speed.

2.  You could be too acidic.  If your vagina has a high PH or is not alkaline enough, this could contribute to your Ys dying off.  These little fellows are pretty weak so you want to give them the best advantage that you can. Part of doing this is lowering your vagina’s PH.  You can do this by douching and / or by going on a diet of alkaline foods.  You can check your progress using PH testers that are typically on the shelves of your health food store.

3.  You could be having sex the wrong way.  It seems really strange that such a short distance could make a difference, but every little bit counts.  If you use shallow penetration when you want a male baby, you’re making a mistake because you’re giving these fellows that are not as strong as they should be a long, hard struggle.

Conceive A Boy is a website I set up to make the process of having a son a bit easier. I’ve included instructions and resources for douching recipes, alkaline food lists, and the PH testing strips mentioned in this article as well as hints, tips, and support. Check it out if you like at

Source by Sandy Dean