How Can I Lose Weight While Eating Fat and Protein?

You’ve heard of the nutrient protein before right? Protein is one of the three macro nutrients (the others being fat and carbohydrates) just about anyone knows a little about but there’s a lot of misunderstanding in regards to the precise roles of each macro nutrient in our diet and body composition.

As I’m sure you can guess from the title of this post I think one of most essential sources of nutrition to focus on if you’re inquisitive about weight loss is protein. Fat is important as well since we want our bodies to be used to making use of fat as a fuel source. Stunning as it may be carbohydrates are generally not a necessary source of nutrition and can actual be a major hindrance to efforts at weight loss.

Among the reasons why eating enough quality protein is vital for changing your body composition and losing weight are:

Number One: Protein is very satiating. In other words it satisfies your hunger and makes you feel “full.”

Number Two: Protein has a very low impact on blood glucose levels so insulin release is limited and nutrients are not stored as fat.

Number Three: Protein is often defined as an important “building block” from which your body constructs and repairs numerous muscles, tissues and organs.

Some people are concerned about not eating sufficient carbohydrates but there is really no need to be worried. If you consume vegetables and fruits along with your healthy proteins you will be guaranteed a steady supply of carbohydrates. Not that your body needs that many. In fact lowering fruit intake to low insulin impact fruits like berries typically is probably advisable for those with ambitious weight loss objectives.

Usually it’s said that consuming about a hundred grams of carbohydrates a day will result in a perfect balance for weight maintenance. If you’ve been used to eating greater than this amount you’ll likely experience progressive weight loss leading to a bit of a plateau which can be broken through by reducing below the 100 grams per day if you wish. In general the ideal way to reach your goals for low body fat and attractive lean muscle is to consume almost all of your nutrients from fat and protein.

This does go against the conventional wisdom and government food pyramid models however if you evaluate where that model of weight loss methodology has led us I think you would tend to agree that something doesn’t add up. The same can be said for the caloric balance model of weight loss which tries to reduce the complex process of nutrient partitioning into a basic math problem where the number of calories consumed must be lower than those expended in order to achieve weight loss. If we don’t take into account protein and fat and the role they have in not elevating insulin as carbs do it’ll be hard to make progress in our weight loss goals.

Source by Vin Hale