Healthy Pizza Recipes

I admit it, I am a pizzaholic. I can eat pizza every day, at every meal, and even as a snack. Well, ok, maybe I will throw in a calzone recipe every once in a while, but you get my point. Due to my love of pizza and because of the frequency with which I eat it, it is essential for my waistline that my pizza recipes are healthy and I still want them to taste good.

Here are some ways you can make healthy pizzas:

Use light or low-fat cheeses

Measure the amount of cheese you use and then use a bit less

Use turkey bacon instead of big-fat greasy pork bacon

Use ground turkey rather then ground beef

Use more vegetables and less meat

Use diced tomatoes rather then canned tomato sauces to cut sodium

Use a little whole-wheat flour rather then bread flour

Use less olive oil and don’t use any in the dough

By considering these tips and maybe trying a few, you will increase the health factor of your pizzas. Making healthy pizzas will allow you to eat pizza every day, and that sounds good to me.

Source by Andrew Clark