Fun Facts About Black Cats You Never Knew

When you think about Halloween, you picture images of witches, bats, pumpkins and also, black cats. However, are you really familiar with them? Test your knowledge on these special type of felines with these 15 fun facts about them.

1. To ancient Egyptians, cats are sacred, lucky and helpful. They symbolize Bastet, the goddess of protection that has a head of a cat.

2. During the Middle Ages, people from Europe associated black cats with witchcraft. Single, elderly women who took care of stray little felines were mistaken for witches, while the cats were their accomplices.

3. A black feline that crosses your path is considered good luck in some parts of Ireland and England.

4. In English Midlands of Great Britain, it is considered good luck to give a cat to a bride.

5. Once a strange black feline arrives at your Scotland home, this means you may hit the jackpot – this signifies prosperity.

6. In Germany, when a cat crosses your path from left to right, it is a good sign but if it the other way around, this means bad luck.

7. It can be more complicated when you are a pirate. If a black cat approaches you, this means bad luck. If it walks away, you are lucky. When the little feline walks to the ship then changes its mind and leave, you better get off the ship since this means that it is going to sink.

8. To fishermen and their wives, black cats mean good luck. For this reason, they let them stay in their homes or ships. Many people could not afford to buy such felines because they are too expensive.

9. The Japanese, especially single women, see these animals as good luck. To them, owning one lets them attract prospective suitors.

10. All cats symbolize good luck in Russia.

11. Black cats have more than one breed. According to the directory of the Cat Fanciers Association, there are 19 different breeds of little felines with “black” as a color alternative.

12. Most black cats look striking with their golden eyes, which is an effect of high melanin pigment.

13. Black cats are either male or female, but most of them are boys.

14. August 17 is Black Cat Appreciation Day.

15. Black felines can mix with any décor and their fur can blend with your furniture.

Additional Info

When a black cat passes under a ladder, do not follow it because this is bad lack.

In case you plan on taking care of such a feline, remember that most rescues put off their adoption during Halloween. Some even advise you to bring your little pet inside your home as the Halloween holidays approach. It is actually safer for all pets to stay indoors during these days because they may be frightened by all the noises, costumes and foot traffic.

Source by Karina Popa