Foods For Digestive Health

There are many choices of foods for digestive health; fiber is one of them. Fiber plays an important role in human health, more particularly, in the process of digestion. Loading up on fiber can significantly improve your metabolism and regulate bowel movement. Among the best sources of fiber are green peas, broccoli, beet root, potatoes with the skin, carrots, Brussels sprouts, sweet corn, dried fruits, fresh fruits like banana, guava, apple, plum, strawberry, legumes and lentils, nuts, whole wheat and barley, rye, oats, and cornmeal.

But it is important to understand, too, that these foods for digestive health need to be properly and completely digested for them to be able to contribute to digestive health. And what ensures their complete digestion? Enzymes! Cellulase, a fiber-digesting enzyme, is necessary to break the fiber down, releasing its nutritional values. When your diet is composed mostly of fiber-rich foods, taking a supplement with this specific enzyme is strongly recommended.

Raw foods also make great choices when it comes not only to digestive health but general wellbeing. Eating raw foods is especially recommended to individuals with a sluggish metabolism or digestion problems of some sort. Vegetables and fruits have natural live enzymes and these enzymes help the digestive enzymes in processing the food. The main purpose of digestive enzymes is to digest the food, but they cannot do all the work. Digestive enzymes need to have some reinforcement, and this comes in the form of plant enzymes, the enzymes that are found in raw vegetables and fruits. But cooking the food in whatever way destroys these live enzymes, that is, why if you are looking to improve your digestive health, you must eat vegetables in their raw state.

You may say that cooking makes foods more delicious. While that may be true, cooking also takes away the nutritional value of the food. But you don’t have to compromise your taste buds just to enjoy the food’s health benefits. With the raw diet becoming so popular today, there are many sites where you can find recipes that involve absolutely no cooking. Try Raw food Home Recipes. It features an array of exciting recipes that tease the palate and make eating raw foods a truly satisfying experience. The site also offers tips on how to naturally make raw foods saltier, sweeter, or more sour to your taste.

Raw Food Living is another site you may want to visit for tasty raw or vegan recipes. Here you’ll find cheese recipes, ice cream, smoothies, desert, salad dressings, side dishes, and main course meals that all use raw ingredients, no less. Raw Food Living also has many informative articles and How-To tips for a healthier you.

Aside from the fact that raw food dishes contain plenty of digestive enzymes, they are not difficult to prepare. You don’t have to be an expert cook to whip up something delicious and healthy. Let’s not forget, no cooking is involved here, so basically all you need is simply to thoroughly wash the raw foods for digestive health and prepare them as directed in the recipe. Read more:

Source by Xylene Belita