Fast Food Duplicates – Cook Famous Fast Food Recipes at Home

You know the feeling, that irresistible urge to drop everything you are doing and go grab your favorite fast food. It can overcome you while you are watching TV and an advertisement comes on tempting you mercilessly with high-definition photographs or videos of steaming hot burgers, tacos, chicken or French fries, you return from a remote camping trip and now you crave your favorite fast food hamburger, you see a billboard for that taco and you have to get it now. The worst times are when you are comfortably settled in your home and you don’t want to go out but the craving is overwhelming….anywhere, anytime it can happen.

How many times have you wished you could copy your favorite fast food or restaurant recipe at home with fast food duplicates? Have you scratched your head and pondered how all your favorite restaurants make those great tasting offerings that you enjoy so much? You conjure up visions of secret kitchens hidden away deep underground with PhD type chefs creating menu items that a normal human could not possibly prepare or some corporate CEO walking with six armed guards to a Fort Knox type vault to unlock a world-famous recipe that only two people in the world may know.

While cooking your favorite fast food duplicates at home would be great, you also know the original recipes are unhealthy in many ways with high salt and fat content, even though your taste buds and stomach may not care, but you know there must be a way to copy them without the unhealthy parts that your heart and kidneys do, yet still retain the great taste and satisfaction they bring.

You also are well aware that being able to create fast food duplicates at home could save you from waiting in line at your favorite establishment, would blow away your friends and family members by preparing copycats of their most loved menu choices and save you lots of money.

I know I have often wondered what the “secret” recipes are for a McDonald’s Big Mac and Special Sauce, a Burger King Whopper, KFC Original or even a Starbucks latte, to name just a few, but that is just the word – they are “secret”.

Well like anything from computer hardware and software to automobiles, things can be “reverse engineered” to achieve a near perfect copycat, or in the case of food; fast food duplicates, without actually knowing the original recipe or breaking into an underground vault or mounting spy camera’s in the kitchens of McDonald’s or even kidnapping the CEO and holding him or her ransom for that food you just have to have.

With these reverse engineered recipes you can cook your way easily to your favorite’s right in the comfort of your own home anytime you want but using healthy alternatives to the salt and fat the big boys use. All you need to do is search for cookbooks for fast food duplicates and you are in, and on your way to having your own personal and famous menu items any time you want, day or night.

So stop craving and start making your favorite restaurant menu items simply by following cookbook instructions that anyone can read and prepare once you have a copycat cookbook in your hands.

Source by Brad L Hodges