Essential Ingredients For Healthy Cooking

Healthy eating does not denote a diet strictly made up of salads; it just means that your favorite meals are prepared with more care to calorie and fat, as well as other harmful ingredients among them.

Reduce the Fat

Non-stick cookware is also a way of cooking healthy, as it negates the need for using cooking oil. Valuable nutrients are also maintained by boiling, steaming, braising, baking and microwaving foods.

Taking the Fat Out of the Cow

The choice of reduced dairy fats products and lean meats minimizes hidden fats within these food groups, which can also be found in varying amounts in processed foods. Dietary fats are best found in natural, unrefined form in foods such as avocado, olives, soy, fish, seeds and fish. If fats are used in the cooking process, use, to a bare minimum, mono-saturated oils, like canola and olive oils.

Shopping for Healthy Eats

Healthy cooking begins when shopping at the store and as such, the choices made reflect upon the results. Skinless chicken breasts are a wise choice, as is lean meat cuts. Make sure to look for foods with low fat versions, such as gravies, salad dressings, yoghurt, cheese and milk.

Start With Healthy Ingredients

Other tips on healthy cooking include consuming more fish, rich in protein and omega three acids, while being short on fats. As a matter of course, consume fresh legumes and vegetables and desist from adding too much salt while cooking. Recipes that require animal fat sautéing and deep frying should be eliminated, as well as those that need butter in their preparation.

Lighten the Lunch Meal

Suggestions for healthy sandwiches include using reduced salt wholegrain or whole meal bread, use very little or no cream cheese or butter on the bread, use instead avocado, low fat peanut or cheese spreads. Herbs have been known to replace oil and salt flavors, as well as containing phyto-oestrogens, which are health protective. They can be used to augment meat dishes, as well as drinks, desserts, vinegars, salad dressings, mustards, breads, and soups. Great herbs are such as lemongrass, chili, garlic, ginger, and coriander.

Cooking Healthy for a Healthy Body

To reduce the loss of vitamins in vegetables during cooking and preparation, scrub them clean rather than peeling, as nutrients are close to their the skin. Vegetables that are stir-fried retain their nutrients through their crunchiness, as they are not overcooked.

Finally, if it looks good, it probably is. Presentation will increase enjoyment, just as great taste will. Many higher end restaurants will use presentation to increase the visual size of the portion and to make the meal appear more intricate than it really is.

The key to the healthiest of cooking is at the beginning of the recipe. By choosing the best ingredients and the best cooking methods for your body, you are choosing a healthier lifestyle. Alternative medicine and treatments begin with treating the body with respect and honor and that begins with offering healthy foods as a source of daily energy.

Source by Eric Cho