Down Hill Ski Training

You can become a much better and effective down hill skier.   You will spend more time on the slopes and less time sitting in the lobby.

This program is a surefire skier workout program that will turn your legs into pillars of steel that can last all day on the slopes.  The system also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.  This is a  down loadable e-book which is immediately available to you after you download.  This program is not currently available in stores.

The key to this program is not only building up pure leg muscle but at the same time developing strong joints that will keep you injury-free and on the slopes as often and long as you wish.  There are many web sites out there that will give you plenty of leg exercises BUT some of these sites recommend exercises and machines that may actually INCREASE your chances of injury, but they also may use exercises that don’t even effectively carry over to skiing that well.  As an example, there are several sites recommending machine leg curls, leg extensions, and leg presses as “3 of the most important exercises for skiers”.  This is insane… Those are actually the 3 WORST exercises.

This program strengthens the joints and tendons important for anybody going snow skiing.  After all, what good are strong legs if you end up throwing out a knee or tearing your ACL and ruining your entire ski season!

Along with the basic program there is plenty of bonus material.

* An 8-week home exercise program for the upper body using dumbbells and body weight
* Home abdominal workout specifically tailored for skiing
* An ultimate stair workout for skiers in an e-book
* A smoothie e-book for athletes featuring 126 different recipes
* A fat loss tips program featured on a prominent news program
* A 10-minute stretch routine e-book designed for skiers

All of this and more for just $47.  That’s less than half a day’s lift ticket.  It’s up to you to put in the work.

Source by Gerald Ramsey