Does Omega 3 Fish Oil Have a Laxative Effect?

Does omega 3 fish oil have a laxative effect is a question most often posed when beginning any fish oil supplement. Luckily omega 3 fish oil doesn’t have many side effects unless you have an allergy, and before we get into swallowing countless tablespoons of fish oil, we should look at the benefits and answer the question, does omega 3 fish oil have a laxative effect?

Undoubtedly you’ve heard about the benefits of omega 3 fish oil and the tremendous health effects it has on the body. This product is very important to the body in that it delivers you all the necessary fatty acids that you need and since you don’t produce it, you are going to need to get it through your diet or through a supplement. Diet is a tricky choice for several reasons; fish that are found today are found in greatly polluted waters do not contain the proper omega 3 essential acids that they once did and this is a direct result of our industrialized world.

One of the huge benefits that outweigh the question of does omega 3 oil have a laxative effect, is that it helps balance out our systems after bombarding then with chemicals and other preservatives that are in our food today. Showing us that although there may be slight laxative effects, does omega 3 fish oil have a laxative effect are really to say no more than any other nutritional supplement that helps remove toxins from the body.

Does omega 3 fish oil have a laxative effect, well yes in a manner of speaking in that the side effects of omega 3 fish oil are the common ones when adding a supplement that is high in any kind of nutritional supplement. Another potential side effect of omega 3 fish oil are that heavy metal poisoning can occur.

Fish contain high levels of heavy metals such as mercury, nickel, lead as well as many more as well as displaying amounts of PCBs and other toxins like dioxin found within fish oil products when it is not processed properly. There are a few other symptoms based around the question of does omega 3 fish oil have a laxative effect like slight laxative effects and foul breath. Often foul breath happens but if this has occurred, it is more likely you have purchased rancid oil and need to find a supplier that can supply you with fresh fish oils.

You need to be looking in to products that have the purest oil and that have both important fatty acids, EPA, and DHA, many of the products sold today have oils from all over the world and are pretty much sold as rancid, although, the suppliers themselves probably aren’t even aware of this, never mind you, the consumer. Moreover, many products have extremely low levels of DHA which leaves many of the therapeutic benefits out of that fish oil.

In that same vein, it is important that you make sure that the product you are getting is not contaminated with toxins and other pollutants from the environment or rancid and rotten as fish oils can spoil very quickly. New Zealand is a prime supplier because they have pristine conditions in the water for the hoki fish that are harvested there for fish oil, and are free of pollution and toxins. The minute amount of toxins and pollutants found are removed through a process called molecular distillation and is the only effective way to process fish oil.

Source by Jean Helmet