Do Fish Oil Supplements Make Your Skin Oily?

Using a high quality supplement can have huge benefits for your skin and overall health. But do fish oil supplements make your skin oily? Discover the answer here and how to ensure your oil is pure and effective.

In almost all cases, a quality fish oil will not make your skin more oily, although I have read a few cases where people think that it has. This could be true but also a result of a poor quality oil.

It is the omega 3 fats known as DHA and EPA that provide the benefits and help your skin to become softer and smoother. They can significantly increase the moisture content which maybe why a few people feel that their skin is more oily.

The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil, especially the DHA fats, help to soothe and heal your skin and help to treat conditions such as eczema and even psoriasis.

By moisturizing from the inside out, they help maintain the natural moisture balance and pH level too. Premium oils with extra antioxidants go a step further and help to not only keep your skin healthier by quashing the free radicals but also reverse the effects of aging, including photo-aging (too much sun exposure).

They help to reduce any roughness or leathery feel and can increase the thickness and firm up your skin by over 10%.

These skin benefits are of course in addition to the many other important ones like improved heart and brain health, a stronger immune system and help in preventing cancers like breast and prostate.

Finding the purest and most effective oils can provide the maximum benefits and prevent your skin becoming too oily.

Any supplement you choose should be molecularly distilled to remove all the toxins and increase the amount of omega 3 fats. Check the label or website to find out.

The most skin friendly omega 3 fat is DHA and provides most of the benefits. For this reason, look to get at least 28% DHA fats in each capsule or soft gel to reap the maximum rewards.

Now you know the answer to, do fish oil supplements make your skin oily, you can confidently select the purest and most effective oils to keep your skin in the best of health and help to prevent the signs of aging from creeping in.

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Source by Rich Hawkins