Diet After Bariatric Surgery

When a person has bariatric surgery, weight loss will be facilitated and food consumption will be limited. After you have had the surgery it is necessary that you follow the diet plan that your surgeon or a dietician gives you to ensure a proper, fast healing. The diet will also give you adequate nutrition. There will be several diets that you will progress through before you can start eating solid foods. In order to continue your weight loss you will be expected to keep your calorie levels reduced and portion sizes small.

1. Clear liquid diet – for the first seven to fourteen days after surgery you will be on this diet that will make sure that you are well hydrated. These are liquids that you can see through. These can include diluted fruit juices like grape, apple, and cranberry. You can also drink protein fruit drinks, non-carbonated artificially beverages and clear broths like chicken, vegetable, and beef. You can also eat gelatin that is sugar-free. It is important that you do not drink beverages that are carbonated or use a straw. The reason is that they may introduce air into your pouch, which can cause discomfort. You should sip on these during the day. It should not be more than one to two ounces over thirty minutes.

2. Full liquid diet – approximately seven days after surgery you may start to add liquids that you cannot see through to your diet. This can include smoothies, sugar-free puddings, broth of soups that are low-fat, protein shakes, skim milk, liquid protein supplements, and skim milk.

3. Pureed diet – usually three to four weeks after you have bariatric surgery you will start to be allowed to consume pureed foods. These foods will be the consistency of apple sauce. Make sure that none of these foods contain any chunks or pieces. It is not recommended that you eat foods that are mashed or cut into small pieces. You are to introduce one new food at a time so you can see what your tolerance is to that food. You can have include canned fruits in water or their own natural juices, chopped lean meat but not red meat, cottage cheese that is low-fat, any type of cooked egg except fried.

4. Soft foods – in five to six weeks after bariatric surgery you can start to add soft foods that are tender and easy to chew like cooked vegetables, noodles, canned fruits. Sip water between meals, which should be six small meals and progress to four meals a day. Eat soft foods for eight weeks before resuming a regular diet.

Source by Lora Davis