Diabetic Snacks That Are Healthy and Fun

If you have diabetes, you will know that monitoring blood sugar levels throughout your day, is essential to managing and maintaining your lifestyle, without incurring too much intrusion from the symptoms and side effects that diabetes can cause.

Diet and what we eat play an important role, and there before it is crucial to eat foods with nutritional benefit to help keep your blood sugar levels in check. This need not be a boring task. Inventing ideas for diabetic snacks can be fun and creative especially if you like pairing up different foods to arrive at unique tasting experiences. An easy way to achieve this is to snack through the day as an alternative to over eating heavy meals at dinner time. Snacking on nutrient den foods is a good way to help avoid eating junk food and offers an alternative that is nutritionally sound.

Some good snacks for diabetics would be:

• Yogurt
• Cottage cheese
• Whole grain crackers with peanut butter
• Baby carrots with cucumber rounds and hummus
• Hummus & vegetables
• Half a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato
• A Ritz whole wheat cracker topped with a banana
• A graham cracker topped with a banana
• Rice cakes with hummus
• Popcorn with a couple of tablespoons of Parmesan cheese

As with all food intake for diabetics, make sure you eat foods that are a mix of carbohydrates and protein and always check your blood sugar first. Always remember that blood sugar levels are most affected by nutrients such as carbohydrates so keeping track of these types of foods is important. So keep the portions of diabetic snacks small, and remember, too, that snacking makes up part of your daily calorie count.

Snacking on high fiber foods whenever possible is also good for when you want to exercise as these are slow to digest and cause a more gradual rise and fall in blood sugar. As with all dietary intakes for diabetics, seek out nutritional guidelines from your medical practitioner before implementing a food plan. They will also be able to supply you with any diabetic supplies you may need such as menus and monitoring equipment.

Calorie menu diets can provide exciting new ways to implement a new diabetic diet regimen. On the 1200 calorie diet menu plan, you can eat six or seven times daily (three meals, 2-3 snacks). This type of dietary plan is designed to help you monitor your weight and also helps to balance your blood sugar levels which in turn help prevent further health problems.

Source by Frederick Savage