Chunky Children

The title of this article has obviously perked your interest, really, what is he going to talk about chunky children for? Because there is a huge problem with children being overweight do to poor guidance. Yes, that means adults are not properly showing their children how to eat healthy. Before I really dig into this, I want to share with you my newest and 3rd addition to the family, Ava Elisabeth!

A big issue, is when adults give in when their child whine's or orries when they do not get their way, whether for food, playing, a toy at the store, etc. A lot of parents these days give into the whining and crying because when they let their child have a pack of chicken nuggets, they stop whining. We as parents need to be Alpha to our children and not best buddies. We need to show them how to choose healthier options when they eat, because healthy options taste good too. Mac-N-Cheese is not the option they need, how about apples-N-almonds? I challenge you to spend some time looking at the foods you consume and what you and your child should and should not eat.

Another reason kids are chunky is lack of movement. And I really mean it, they love to sit around and play video games or complain during the summer that it is too hot out, and during the winter that it is too cold out. Enough, get outside with them, make it fun. Play basketball, soccer, badminton, football, have a water gun fight, a water balloon fight, a snowball fight, get creative. What happened to playing tag in the front yard, that was fun and involved a lot of running and a lot of laughing (which by the way is amazing for health)! You need to look at what your kids are doing each week, pay attention, make adjustments, and make them better at living healthy!

Quick tips:
-Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
-Get 30 minutes of FUN exercise in 6 days a week minimum
-Get your children in bed at a quiet hour so they get enough sleep
-Make sure you encourage your children to be successful, stay positive with them as much as possible
-Tell your children that you love them daily by saying, "I LOVE YOU!"
-Teach your children to be grateful and to believe in themselves

Here is to a healthy and prosperous young generation of highly successful individuals, our children!

Source by Robert J Martin